When children return to school in March, the priority will be making sure that they are all ok and can settle back into the culture and routine of learning. Then comes the tricky task of identifying what they have learned or retained during lockdown. Making every second in the classroom count will be key to ensuring that any gaps in knowledge are quickly identified. Learning by Questions (LbQ) can make it easier for you to diagnose and address these gaps throughout the learning process!  ![alt text](/filestore/BlogImage/7897f828-6f3f-4252-bb53-a9fc305a5c37/04e0329c-062e-4f35-b0b2-c2bd331ee703resizedlostlearningimage.jpg ""){: .center } We've also produced a handy guide containing links to a range of our KS2 Question Sets, ideal for low-stakes testing and diagnostic purposes, to help you identify and ultimately address those gaps in learning. You can download [LbQ's Guide to Diagnosing Learning Gaps here](/filestore/BlogImage/7897f828-6f3f-4252-bb53-a9fc305a5c37/4f96138f-2683-4577-b96e-b9cf5bcd7a4dDiagnosticQSlinks.pdf).