![alt text](/filestore/BlogImage/58705b13-0d5c-4277-8e28-eeab0619c39f/36e4ab5c-bc79-4cca-ad13-9aac3c3f1375AdviceforNQTs.jpg "Advice for NQTs") It’s a pit-of-your-stomach type of sickness like no other. The last week of your first summer holiday, the one after your training year and before your Newly Qualified Teaching (NQT year), is pretty much guaranteed to be filled with apprehension. Which, as most experienced teachers would tell you, is such a waste. But 90% of them would also say they experience the same nervousness, even after 5, 10, 15 years of teaching. But what wise and comforting advice can more experienced teachers provide NQTs embarking on their first teaching job? Fortunately, #PrimaryRocks asked that very question recently. For those of you who don’t know, [#PrimaryRocks](https://twitter.com/PrimaryRocks1) is a Twitter edchat each and every Monday from 8pm until 9pm. It’s a fantastic community of educators that provide advice, comfort and humour to the lives of teachers. Now to the advice for NQTs: we’ve collated some of the best advice from the discussion on Twitter from the June 24th chat, hosted by [@grahamandre](https://twitter.com/grahamandre?ref_src=twsrc%5Egoogle%7Ctwcamp%5Eserp%7Ctwgr%5Eauthor) and the question came from [@MrGPrimary](https://twitter.com/mrgprimary?lang=en-gb). ### What’s the single most useful piece of advice you’d give NQT you for September? ### [Do smile](https://twitter.com/MrN1984/status/1143243452538392576?s=20) When someone tells you not to smile before Christmas, smile at them. And walk away. #PrimaryRocks [@MrN1984](https://twitter.com/MrN1984) ### [The power of the ‘walk away’](https://twitter.com/MrN1984/status/1143243452538392576?s=20) If you feel yourself getting frustrated with a child, walk away and come back later. Never get into a conflict you can’t back out of. Never threaten something you can’t/won’t carry out. #PrimaryRocks And again [@MrN1984](https://twitter.com/MrN1984) ### [Read up](https://twitter.com/Happytoteach1/status/1143243149520920577?s=20) Keep up to date with changes in education… join Twitter… read [@TES](https://twitter.com/tes?ref_src=twsrc%5Egoogle%7Ctwcamp%5Eserp%7Ctwgr%5Eauthor) or Primary Education, read educational books… read blogs by those who inspire you #PrimaryRocks [@Happytoteach1](https://twitter.com/Happytoteach1) ### [Give yourself a break](https://twitter.com/MissNorthernR/status/1143242650428071947?s=20) It’s okay when it goes wrong, take time for yourself, plan fun and relaxing weekends, ask for help, look at what your colleagues do… I couldn’t give just one [tip]! #PrimaryRocks [@MissNorthernR](https://twitter.com/MissNorthernR) ### [“See stuff”](https://twitter.com/3edmigos/status/1143241048887611393?s=20) Get out to other classes and other schools. See stuff and think, “that’s cool I can use it” but it’s important and useful to see stuff and go, “nope, don’t like that” and consolidate your own practice. #PrimaryRocks [@3edmigos](https://twitter.com/3edmigos) ### [Get to know your pupils](https://twitter.com/brassoteach/status/1143241014003535872?s=20) Get to know the child as a person, not just as a learner. What makes them laugh? Who’s in their family? What are they scared of? What do they love? Build a relationship that’s not just based on imparting knowledge. #PrimaryRocks [@brassoteach](https://twitter.com/brassoteach) ### [Find your own voice](https://twitter.com/lukeframburton/status/1143240981095047168?s=20) Find your own voice. Don’t think that you need to do the same things in the same way as your colleagues just because they have ‘experience’. The best ‘you’ that you can be, is you. #PrimaryRocks [@lukeframburton](https://twitter.com/lukeframburton) ### [Enjoy it!](https://twitter.com/MrsLamprecht/status/1143240906872635392?s=20) One day at a time. Ask for help - we are a community and like working together and helping each other. Enjoy it! #PrimaryRocks [@MrsLamprecht](https://twitter.com/MrsLamprecht) ### [Keep a ‘good things’ list](https://twitter.com/primaryteachew/status/1143248984733040647?s=20) To keep a list of all the positive things you do/that happen. It can be so hard to think of all the good you do if things are tough, so a physical list is lovely to have & read! #PrimaryRocks [@primaryteachew](https://twitter.com/primaryteachew) ### [Bad lessons are okay](https://twitter.com/primarymra/status/1143241244438618112?s=20) It’s okay to have those ‘awful’ lessons. It doesn’t make you less of a teacher. It’s perfectly okay to realise sometimes that those lessons are how we learn as teachers. #PrimaryRocks [@primarymra](https://twitter.com/primarymra)