This is no ordinary "back to school". With restrictions still in full swing, teachers and school leaders must carry on adapting to new ways of teaching. Since pupils returned to schools after the initial lockdown, there have been so many hurdles that educators have had to overcome to try and regain some semblance of normality. Three of the main issues facing teaching staff are: * Identifying gaps in knowledge and getting pupils caught up. * Implementing a blended learning approach. * Adapting to the new reality of remote learning LbQ can help you to tackle these challenges head on! ## Catch-Up ![alt text](/filestore/BlogImage/d99f2961-c259-4044-9da3-a4416541f567/ffbb74d9-db6e-487f-ac9b-9258c8ba1aebcatchup.jpg "") The EEF has published guidance on school catch-up strategies and how schools should spend the upcoming catch-up premium. LbQ meets all the EEF guidelines and is perfect to help your schools carry on their catch up plans! Read more about how we can help with catch-up [here]( ## Blended Learning ![alt text](/filestore/BlogImage/d99f2961-c259-4044-9da3-a4416541f567/e4f95bf2-6f5b-494b-a351-0c334a731b5cblendedlearning.png "") {: .center } With some pupils at home and some in the classroom, many teachers have had to take a blended learning approach. This is unchartered territory for a lot of schools, but LbQ is perfect to [help you implement this approach]( ## Remote Learning ![alt text](/filestore/BlogImage/d99f2961-c259-4044-9da3-a4416541f567/dd5a366a-1d97-476e-ae23-d6a43a61489cremotelearning.png ""){: .center } Remote learning is at its most effective when it delivers timely feedback through engaging and interactive digital resources. With the right teaching tools, remote learning can be an effective way of teaching rather than just a stop gap that needs to be filled. With over 50 million questions answered by pupils since lockdown began, LbQ has been adapted by educators to make remote learning as effective as it can be. Like teachers, LbQ is adaptable and can be used in any learning approach. Whether it’s [teaching subjects remotely that would usually be hands on in the classroom](, or [taking a new blended approach to learning](, LbQ can help with any learning situation. If you want to see LbQ in action, you can [book a demo]( today!