Here at LbQ, we have created a number of reading sets with unique, illustrated texts that are designed to encourage interest and engagement with different subjects across the curriculum. Our Cross-Curricular Short Reads cover KS2 topics from history, science and geography. The accompanying Question Sets allow pupils of varying abilities to practise different skills alongside the same text. There are 3 different types of Question Sets that correspond with the text: ### Pre-Read Interesting Intros! These sets focus on word meanings to enable all pupils to access and understand the texts. ![alt text](/filestore/BlogImage/8cce1ead-362d-4a50-b54c-a554669e1aeb/4dedbb82-63c1-41fd-b0ef-a37d8441508e1.2.jpg) ### Retrieval Where does it say that? These sets focus on finding answers or information directly from the text they have read. ![alt text](/filestore/BlogImage/8cce1ead-362d-4a50-b54c-a554669e1aeb/be792d8f-56fc-4b3f-b7a8-b03e6526a35c2.2.jpg) ### Features That’s how it’s done! These sets address the different features of non-fiction texts and how they present information. ![alt text](/filestore/BlogImage/8cce1ead-362d-4a50-b54c-a554669e1aeb/d57e6b91-57d8-417e-a7e1-c9ec0045138b3.2.jpg) All of the above include two short written tasks at the end of the sets that allow pupils to evaluate, comment, compare or respond to the texts they have read. ### That’s how they work, but how can they be used in class? A teacher can track pupil progress in real time whilst the class work their way through the Question Set on their tablets. Teachers can also display the questions and text on the board for full class participation. As well as this, our Cross-Curricular Question Sets lend themselves to a number of classroom contexts: - As introductory texts in history, science or geography lessons - As independent work - As assessment tasks - As whole class, guided, reciprocal and individual reading tasks Our beautifully illustrated texts can also be printed out so pupils can annotate them for grammar and punctuation, or they could even be used to decorate the walls of the classroom! ![alt text](/filestore/BlogImage/8cce1ead-362d-4a50-b54c-a554669e1aeb/eced1eea-7006-45bb-8a75-49e9e589103d4.jpg) Why not give them a try? Here are some examples of our crossover Question Sets. ### Geography [Short Reads: Volcanoes]( ![alt text](/filestore/BlogImage/8cce1ead-362d-4a50-b54c-a554669e1aeb/7d951e0c-4785-4757-a59c-d0231066f3af5.jpg) ### History [Short Reads: The First Aeroplane Flight]( ![alt text](/filestore/BlogImage/8cce1ead-362d-4a50-b54c-a554669e1aeb/cf348760-71d3-4770-a8f4-d5999365ca806.jpg) ### Science [Short Reads: Is There Life on Other Planets?]( ![alt text](/filestore/BlogImage/8cce1ead-362d-4a50-b54c-a554669e1aeb/bf073c25-c1df-48d4-9c28-c1baeb5cf2127.jpg) That’s about it! Our Cross-Curricular Reading sets are here to help you bridge the gap between subjects and engage your class with topics from across the National Curriculum. If you would like to know more, feel free to [contact us](