![alt text](/filestore/BlogImage/88c167d3-5130-4213-8366-6583d23c64c6/dd1b2024-c199-4b22-9853-e3822b970180Twitteraccountstofollowblogimage.jpg "Twitter") As teachers, we are all well versed in the bad sides of social media. But what about the good? As well as keeping up-to-date with friends and family during the hibernation periods of term time, social media sites are also a great platform for sharing good practice. Even though Twitter doubled the character length allowed on tweets in 2017 from 140 to 280 , Twitter is still a fast and efficient way to share views, ideas and good practice. Here are 5 accounts to follow as a fellow educator. [@_MissieBee](https://twitter.com/_MissieBee) Sophie Bee is a 5/6 teacher who leads on English in her school. She tweets about a nice mix of humorous happenings in the classroom, helpful pedagogical resources and thoughtful questions for her 12,700 followers to consider. If you’re looking to save time, [@_MissieBee ](https://twitter.com/_MissieBee) is one to follow for gems like this: [![alt text](/filestore/BlogImage/88c167d3-5130-4213-8366-6583d23c64c6/9ca4b8ff-01d6-4132-9206-945825839dc1MissieBee.JPG "MissieBee")](http://twitter.com/_MissieBee/status/1086940423648628736/) [@Mr_K_Teacher](https://twitter.com/Mr_K_Teacher?lang=en-gb) David Keyte is a year 4 teacher and a member of the English Leadership Team at his school. Budget cuts, workload and exodus from the profession can often make education quite a negative space to be in. [@Mr_K_Teacher](https://twitter.com/Mr_K_Teacher?lang=en-gb) is a shining light, encouraging teachers to embrace their favourite things about teaching, as well as sharing the top stories in education in the UK. [ ![alt text](/filestore/BlogImage/88c167d3-5130-4213-8366-6583d23c64c6/a3c6ab9f-99e7-49e7-aaf6-ce303e5017ecMrKTeacher.JPG "Mr K Teacher")](http://twitter.com/Mr_K_Teacher/status/1112439871853998081/) [@SchoolDuggery](https://twitter.com/SchoolDuggery?lang=en-gb) Rachel G’s profiles says she is “Keeping an independent eye on schools and education,” which is a very ‘does what it says on the tin’ description of her tweets. [@SchoolDuggery](https://twitter.com/SchoolDuggery?lang=en-gb) re-shares articles found in the media about education and schools. If you want all the latest news, accompanied by thoughtful questions and opinion, join Rachel G’s 97,400 followers. [ ![alt text](/filestore/BlogImage/88c167d3-5130-4213-8366-6583d23c64c6/85cf87b1-3f48-4c3b-8e16-23df1bedcd7eSchoolDuggery.JPG "SchoolDuggery")](http://twitter.com/SchoolDuggery/status/1109141029838569474/) [@MrBoothY6](https://twitter.com/MrBoothY6) Ashley Booth is a year 6 teacher who leads on reading and maths. He is also a Specialist Leader in Education in English and maths. [@MrBoothY6](https://twitter.com/MrBoothY6) tweets about what he’s doing in the classroom, sharing his outstanding practice with his 20,500 followers. You often find him tweeting fantastic recommendations for books he’s using with his class and sharing good resources he’s tried and tested. [ ![alt text](/filestore/BlogImage/88c167d3-5130-4213-8366-6583d23c64c6/0743c3d0-f07c-402a-ab64-e8ff51b77643AshleyBooth.JPG "Ashley Booth")](http://twitter.com/MrBoothY6/status/1111694366169591813/) [@HeyMissSmith](https://twitter.com/HeyMissSmith) Miss Smith is a KS2/English lead and a year 6 teacher. Her twitter account is filled with interesting points and observations about education news stories. She provides her view on topical stories and encourages discussion amongst her peers. You can also find a few humorous anecdotal tweets from [@HeyMissSmith](https://twitter.com/HeyMissSmith) too. [ ![alt text](/filestore/BlogImage/88c167d3-5130-4213-8366-6583d23c64c6/3db9c1b5-505d-4c99-a251-c9be7be9ae5dMissSmith.JPG "Miss Smith")](http://twitter.com/HeyMissSmith/status/1108635251939643393/) If you didn’t know, Learning by Questions is also on Twitter, tweeting [@LbQorg](https://twitter.com/LbQorg). You can find out all the latest news from LbQ, including new Question Sets lists and upcoming events that LbQ are attending. Follow us [@LbQorg](https://twitter.com/LbQorg) or find us on Facebook at [https://www.facebook.com/LearningbyQuestions/](https://www.facebook.com/LearningbyQuestions/).