![alt text](/filestore/BlogImage/601766ce-20fe-43e5-a3ea-416ac0c96b55/d3de6db9-d270-4f38-98c4-167f762ab26bStoryandillustratorcompetition.png "Competition") Our Electronic Literature Festival is well and truly underway. To celebrate our first ELF, we’re asking all young writers and illustrators to get involved and enter our ‘Twisted Fairy Tale’ competition. We create new Question Sets for 1000s of young people to learn from, every day. We’re opening up the gates and asking for young people to submit their creations to be turned into Question Sets to be accessed by all LbQ users. ## The theme The theme of your story or illustrations must be ‘Twisted Fairy Tale’. Take an age old classic like Snow White or Goldilocks and the Three Bears and twist it in any way you can imagine. Perhaps it was the Three Bears who bullied Goldilocks? Or maybe the seven dwarves were all women? You decide! ## Like to write? Our Reading Question Sets include short (around 500 words) stories that excite and engage young people. We would like you to write a short story of around 500 words that could be turned into a Question Set. Stick to the theme and let your imagination run wild. ## Like to draw? The stories in Our Reading Question Sets are always accompanied by fantastic illustrations created by our team of professional designers and illustrators. If you’d like to see you illustrations come to life in an LbQ Question Set, write a short summary for your Twisted Fairy Tale, and draw two illustrations to go alongside your Twisted Fairy Tale. We will then write the full length fairy tale. Next, you will be invited to come into the LbQ office to work with our illustrators to learn how to take a hand drawn image and create an illustration fit for publication on the screen. **Sending in your entry** You can send in your entries either by email at: marketing@lbq.org or by post to the following address: Marketing Department, Learning by Questions, Bowland House, Philips Road, Whitebirk Industrial Estate Blackburn, BB1 5NA You can also share your entries on our social platforms: Twitter - [@LbQorg](https://twitter.com/LbQorg/) Facebook - [LearningbyQuestions](https://www.facebook.com/LearningbyQuestions//) Please note: if you are emailing illustrations, these can be in the format of a photo or scan, but must be clear and in colour. **Terms and conditions** * One entry per student * Must be the students own work * Only primary and secondary students * Entries must be sent it by Friday 5th April