![alt text](/filestore/BlogImage/d99d85e8-9d74-44cd-8311-a630046a4164/f8ac9efb-a473-41de-a432-b73dbc8467b2FavouriteeducatorsonTwitter.png "Favourite educators on twitter") If you don’t already get involved in [#PrimaryRocks](https://twitter.com/search?q=%23PrimaryRocks&src=typed_query), where have you been? It is THE place to get some of the best recommendations, tips and support from fellow primary educators. Hosts of [@PrimaryRocks](https://twitter.com/PrimaryRocks1) will post a series of questions that have been suggested by eduTwitter (the education community on Twitter) between 8pm and 9pm on a Monday and the community never fail to provide inspiring stuff.  This week included the question, ‘ Who are your favourite educators on Twitter and why?’ so we thought we’d collate some of our favourite contributions to share with you. ### [@MissStanleyYr6](https://twitter.com/MissStanleyYr6) suggested by [@SonyiaJackson](https://twitter.com/SonyiaJackson) Miss Stanley has been a teacher for 12 years and is an English leader and moderator. She is a self-confessed “non-fiction lover and crisp addict”. Her feed is filled with classroom inspiration and humorous anecdotes from her life away from the chalkface. She also shares some of her fantastic resources with her followers.  ### [@bryngoodman](https://twitter.com/bryngoodman) suggested by [@cowmanteaches](https://twitter.com/cowmanteaches) Bryn Goodman is a year 5 teacher and holds the accolade of [Apple Teacher](https://twitter.com/PrimaryRocks1). He is also one of the team [@PrimaryRocks](https://twitter.com/PrimaryRocks1) and a CEOP Ambassador. He runs his own ‘[BG blog](http://bgoodman7.blogspot.com/)’ in which he provides support, advice and his opinion on a wide range of topics. His Twitter feed is a mix of funny and honest reports on lessons he has taught as well as insightful shares of great resources he has found: a real feelgood account not to be missed.  ### [@MissSDoherty](https://twitter.com/MissSDoherty) suggested by [@rebeccaledbrook](https://twitter.com/rebeccaledbrook) Shannen Doherty is a primary school teacher in South London. She leads on maths, PSHE and music at her school and she is a TES columnist. Shannen speaks candidly about her struggles with mental health and [advocates the rise in awareness of mental health](https://missdohertysthoughts.wordpress.com/2019/09/15/dont-stop-talking-about-it/), specifically in the world of education. Her feed is filled with fun questions for #edutwitter fans and retweets of helpful information for her followers. ### [@MissKhan_ ](https://twitter.com/MissKhan__) suggested by [@rebeccaledbrook](https://twitter.com/rebeccaledbrook) Maaria Khan teaches year 6, is the lead in teaching and learning, maths and writing at her school. She is also an NQT/student teacher mentor and she has recently completed an NPQSL. Miss Khan’s Twitter feed provides her followers with uplifting and inspiring tweets that follow the progression of her pupils. Following her will also provide you with a consistent gallery of incredibly classroom displays and helpful resources as well as an insight into Miss Khan’s work wardrobe.  ### Bonus account suggested by [@LbQorg](https://twitter.com/LbQorg) [@deputygrocott](https://twitter.com/deputygrocott) J. Grocott is Primary Deputy at his school and is a favourite of the team at Learning by Questions. We love this Twitter feed as it is a variable feast of lesson suggestions, resources and thoughtful and reflective questions for educators. J. Grocott is also the mind behind [#FFBWednesday](https://twitter.com/hashtag/FFBWednesday?src=hashtag_click), a weekly event that sees edutwitter come together to share great educational accounts to follow and a chance for teachers to find the next great resource company to aid their teaching. Of course, if you want to keep up with all things Learning by Questions, you can follow us on Twitter at [@LbQorg](https://twitter.com/LbQorg). We keep our followers up to date with all the latest news from LbQ, run competitions and post helpful links to our incredible resources available for free. If you [register for an account with Learning by Questions](http://www.lbq.org/register), you will be given free access to over 55,000 curriculum-aligned questions, to help progress your students to where you want them to be.