# Getting back into school after yet another lockdown has been a challenge... Pupils have had to deal with the daily commute to school, rather than the sofa. Trying to remember old routines, and also trying to instil new ones. And of course social distancing and wearing a face mask constantly in school takes some getting used to. After three or four weeks, these new challenges will have been dealt with and adapted to, but as we all know, it is not just the logistics of getting back into school that are important. Given the amount of disruption that pupils (and teachers) have faced, there will inevitably be gaps in learning. Trying to ascertain where pupils are up to after this further disruption to their education can be a whole other challenge in itself. In this article, we highlight how LbQ can help you identify, and fill, these gaps in learning. ![alt text](/filestore/BlogImage/c32d4cc9-12dc-4834-9e9c-a0642692ffd3/73038cf9-66d7-467c-be6c-1549962b9a2dStarightLineGraphsTopicReviewYr9Q5Imageresized.jpg "") ### 1. Low-Stakes Testing Pupils are understandably going to be nervous of any sort of testing when they are unsure of how far they have progressed with home learning. Therefore, low-stakes testing is ideal, and LbQ provides exactly that. A test that isn’t a test, that provides quality data which can be acted upon to spot any gaps in understanding. LbQ’s Topic Reviews, in particular, can provide this information without putting the pupils under undue stress, and they don’t create a huge workload for teachers. ![alt text](/filestore/BlogImage/c32d4cc9-12dc-4834-9e9c-a0642692ffd3/4f8adb4f-ff57-412f-b591-50e01f892065GeometryTopicReviewYr7Q21image.PNG "") ### 2. Finding the gaps Topic Reviews cover several points of the curriculum within one Question Set. Immediate feedback is given for every pupil response, guiding pupils towards the correct answer. This ensures that minor misconceptions are dealt with by the pupils themselves, and only more fundamental gaps in understanding are highlighted. Once completed, the data provided on the LbQ Results Matrix is super easy to interpret, with question by question analysis for each pupil already done for you. This identifies those questions that pupils really struggled with, and therefore where the fundamental gaps are. ![alt text](/filestore/BlogImage/c32d4cc9-12dc-4834-9e9c-a0642692ffd3/da4dc076-73b9-40ab-9e38-9ff2a494320dMatriximage.jpg "") ### 3. Filling the gaps Once the gaps in learning have been identified, LbQ Question Sets can also be used to help fill them. Appropriate Questions Sets covering the gaps in knowledge highlighted can be set, and pupils can work independently through them, receiving timely quality feedback as misconceptions arise. ![alt text](/filestore/BlogImage/c32d4cc9-12dc-4834-9e9c-a0642692ffd3/91d94a33-7979-410e-8dd6-0f506bca7b20EquationsandInequalitiesTopicReviewYR8Q28Image.PNG "") So there you have it. As the summer term gets underway, let LbQ help you to hit the ground running by helping to spot any gaps in learning. If you'd like to see LbQ in action, you can book your very own personalised walkthrough of the platform [here](https://www.lbq.org/Contact-Us?demo=1).