by Ryan Molyneux Most schools have missed out on completing their all-important final terms of the teaching year. When students finally return to school after this period of uncertainty, the most integral thing for any teacher will be to get them up to speed ASAP. The knowledge they missed out on during the lockdown period will need to be covered quickly and efficiently before they can move on to learning for their GCSEs. LbQ is here to do just that! The EEF has highlighted feedback as one of the main focuses of its [funding for schools]( following the pandemic: > "Providing pupils with high-quality feedback, building on accurate assessment, is likely to be a particularly promising approach" Our Question Sets have personalised and targeted feedback that will help your students catch-up, and help you identify any gaps in knowledge. With LbQ, you can get everyone on the same page as you approach those crucial GCSEs together. ![alt text](/filestore/BlogImage/b10dec64-246c-4449-b82a-3d4fe60d484b/73cf7940-a88f-450a-afd1-fb3aea26e58eGCSEblog1.jpg "GCSE Blog 1") ### Catching what was missed Testing all of your pupils upon their return to the classroom may seem like the best solution. However, as we all adjust to the “new normal”, a test and the subsequent marking may not be the most efficient use of time. With automatic marking, an LbQ Question Set allows you to assess retention of previously taught objectives in the time it takes to teach a single lesson! Our maths [End of Topic Reviews](,8,9,10,11&keywords=topic%20review/) and [White Rose Maths Block Reviews](,8,9,10,11/) are especially effective in helping you see where your students are at. [Crossover sets]( in maths are also particularly helpful. They cover foundation, crossover and higher-style questions. If teachers are unsure if a class is ready for higher-tier questions, they can use the crossover sets to assess this. As well as this, we have [English GCSE Revision Sets](,8,9,10,11/) to test what your students know. We also have Science Skills sets in [Biology](, [Chemistry]( and [Physics]( to get your class up to speed! ![alt text](/filestore/BlogImage/b10dec64-246c-4449-b82a-3d4fe60d484b/c1641dc8-e189-4fd4-bfc9-4c35556fadedGCSEblog2.jpg "GCSE Blog 2") ### Catching up Once you have identified what gaps in knowledge need filling, it is time to get the whole class caught up. Our sets have tailored feedback through several levels of progression that allow students to work towards the same end goal at their own pace. This approach allows everyone to get on the same page in a time that suits them. No-one gets left behind! ### Catching on! Now that everyone is singing from the same music sheet, it’s time to get on with the preparation for GCSEs! LbQ has a range of KS3 and KS4 content that will help prepare your students for these essential exams. We have a collection of maths sets that cover [GCSE-style questions](,8,9,10,11/) to get your class practising for the big day. As well as this, our [Required Practical sets](,11&keywords=required%20practical/) in each of the core science subjects give your scientists some much-needed experience for the real thing. On the horizon in English, we will be providing a number of KS4 Shakespeare sets that will coincide with key Shakespeare plays. One has already been published, and it covers the key characters in [Romeo & Juliet]( ![alt text](/filestore/BlogImage/b10dec64-246c-4449-b82a-3d4fe60d484b/2383391b-3c6a-48bc-a87c-496cfe11bd68GCSEblog3.jpg "GCSE Blog 3") Whether it’s catching what was missed, catching up, or catching on, LbQ can help your class crack on with their GCSEs. ### If you're concerned about how to get your students up to speed with GCSE catch-up, [book a free demo]( with the LbQ team now.