Results day is a momentous day in any young person’s life! For some, it marks a new chapter in their lives that is full of excitement for the future. For others, it can be seen as a stumbling block that marks a time for re-evaluation after not quite getting the grades they needed. Quite a few students will be staring down the barrel of GCSE resits. The extra revision that goes with these resits, alongside new A level subjects or college courses, adds to an already considerable workload in a daunting new environment of further education. Following the disruption that has affected schools around the country, facing resits on a return to education could prove even more overwhelming! It is also challenging for teachers, as they will have to motivate resit students to re-learn topics that they have already covered in subjects that they wish they could just forget about. LbQ is here to help students and teachers tackle this challenge head on! Our GCSE content in the core subjects of maths, English and science is designed to make the prospect of resits that little bit less daunting. ## GCSE Maths LbQ has a wealth of maths Question Sets that cover all National Curriculum objectives. Our array of practice and mastery resources cover all maths topics for KS3 and KS4. Our [End of Topic Reviews](,8,9,10,11&keywords=topic%20review//) and[ White Rose Maths Block Reviews](,8,9,10,11//) are especially effective in helping you see what areas of study you need to recap with your students. As well as this, our teacher authors have produced a range of [GCSE style Question Sets]( that deal with non-standard exam questions that students often struggle with. These sets are split to cater for different abilities: foundation, higher and crossover. ![alt text](/filestore/BlogImage/412590ce-bc47-40e0-90d0-a1e603ff481c/6f0c0340-a63b-4134-b508-82e8a599befdWhiteRoseMaths1.jpg "") ## GCSE Science Our [Required Practical sets](,11&keywords=required%20practical//) in each of the core science subjects give your students some much-needed experience for any GCSE resits that they may need to take. As well as this, we have Science Skills sets in [Biology](, [Chemistry]( and [Physics]( to recap the basics and get your students back up to speed! ![alt text](/filestore/BlogImage/412590ce-bc47-40e0-90d0-a1e603ff481c/c0264a79-7b58-4967-a019-00e11fd73593RequiredPractical1.jpg "") ## GCSE English Our [English GCSE Revision Sets](,8,9,10,11//) are perfect to help practise the basic terminology and literary devices that your students will need to know for the resits. We have also recently published a suite of GCSE Shakespeare sets that cover [Romeo & Juliet](,8,9,10,11//)! The range of sets cover the contexts, key ideas, themes, quotations and characters of the seminal play. Watch this space! There are more key Shakespeare sets on the horizon… ![alt text](/filestore/BlogImage/412590ce-bc47-40e0-90d0-a1e603ff481c/a3b08f91-7b87-43cd-bc54-3db434b4acbfShakespeare1.jpg "") That's how we can help you and your students face the challenge of resits head on! If you would like to see LbQ in action, please [book a demo]( with our team today.