There's no getting away from it, SATs are around the corner, and this means that teacher attention starts to laser in on preparation and revision. We all know what this entails: concerns about question topics and greater depth analysis questions; analysis of past papers; worries about which pupils will make their expected level; and countless hours of trawling the internet for resources. All of which must be done while trying to maintain pupil confidence and positivity. Unfortunately, SATs are inevitable (for the moment at least), so you need to make sure that both you and your pupils are ready for them. Luckily, LbQ are here to provide helpful advice and resources to not only make SATs revision easier, but genuinely effective and more efficient. All set? Let's do it. ![alt text](/filestore/BlogImage/51dc2a57-1caf-4079-a58d-8011509dfd8e/6e47cbfa-1402-4292-8344-de3694f2567fLearningjourneySATsblogscreengrab2.JPG "") As mentioned above, there is an incredible amount to think about when it comes to SATs preparation. The sheer volume of research, planning and work that is required, along with the pressure that comes with it, makes it easy to forget one of the most important aspects of SATs: **In order to give each child the direction they need, you need to know exactly where each child is at.** It sounds obvious, but not everyone grasps the importance of this rule. Let’s use an example: I live on a farm in the Yorkshire Dales, which is halfway up a fell at the intersection of 3 footpaths. Every weekend when chopping wood in the yard, numerous walkers would ask for help with directions to the summit. Each had a map, a compass and a definite end point to get to. Rather than diving straight in and telling them where they should be going, I would ask them one simple question: **“Where are you on the map?”** Some would know the answer, so it was easy to give them the quickest route. Many, however, didn’t know where they were and looked at their maps with puzzled expressions. Giving these people directions would be a pointless exercise as they have no idea where they are! ### How does this link to SATs revision? Well, children are like walkers – each one of them is on their own personal learning journey. Exactly where they are on this journey determines the best path for them. ### So, who has their map? Just like the walkers who knew the end point on their maps, all teachers know the end point for each child in their class and how long it will take them to get there. The question is: how do teachers know what each child needs to be taught to reach the end of their journey? To find the answer to this question, some form of assessment is required. ![alt text](/filestore/BlogImage/51dc2a57-1caf-4079-a58d-8011509dfd8e/482c02a8-5957-4cf3-81bf-bd37594f9eefSATsbloglearningjourneyimage.JPG "") Running a practice SATs paper or an end of topic review will tell you and your pupils exactly where they are on their learning journey. Once you know that, it becomes easier to guide them to their destination. ### How can LbQ help with that? LbQ’s teacher authors are well-versed when it comes to SATs, and have created a range of practice SATs papers in [maths]( and [English]( that are a superb way of quickly learning where each child is on their learning journey. An LbQ topic review will allow you to diagnose any weaknesses or gaps in pupil learning. This can then be used in combination with our practice Question Sets to fill those gaps, as well as to address any misconceptions and identify which pupils need further input on which topics. ### What makes LbQ the best way to prepare for SATs? * **Feedback** – all LbQ practice papers include immediate and constructive feedback for learners, which provides opportunities to deepen understanding and learning. ![alt text](/filestore/BlogImage/51dc2a57-1caf-4079-a58d-8011509dfd8e/fe8ac556-7ff4-4f4d-9c89-fc46a70f175bEnglishSATsblogscreengrab.JPG "") * **Automatic Marking** – LbQ practice Question Sets are automatically marked, which means that the days of marking practice paper after practice paper are long gone. * **Quick Data Analysis** – the fact that you can see every answer by every pupil as they come in means that you can gather data quickly, which gives you more time to help your students along their journey. ![alt text](/filestore/BlogImage/51dc2a57-1caf-4079-a58d-8011509dfd8e/b7488618-4259-4c50-8157-f95e0c81dc4aSCREENGRAB111.jpg "") Another great thing about LbQ’s practice papers is that they are created to closely match the actual SATs papers in appearance. This is to ensure that, when it comes to the real thing, pupils have that sense of familiarity with the tests, so they feel more at ease and less likely to be shocked or overawed by the exams themselves. Oh yes, one final point before we forget. It is equally important to ensure that, as well as looking after your pupils, you take good care of yourself. You’re no good to your class if you’re tired and showing signs of stress. Luckily, LbQ’s [fantastic SATs practice papers]( will give you more time to get things done, ensuring you remain positive, energised and inspired. So keep smiling because help is out there for you. Subscribe to your [FREE LbQ ACCOUNT]( now, and make your SATs nightmares a thing of the past.