![alt text](/filestore/BlogImage/24367f10-57e8-4898-aa9c-718044024214/39e0d6ba-16d4-4ea1-ba20-9a3596b56c85RockFerryPrimarySchool.jpg.gallery.jpg ""){: .center } Now more than ever, we know that teachers go above and beyond for their pupils. Rock Ferry Primary School in the Wirral has been one of our super Ambassadors since the early days of the Feedback 50 trial. We caught up with Corinne Drysdale (Deputy Headmaster) and Laurence Thomas (Assistant Headteacher) to discuss Easter Egg deliveries and their approach to distance learning. ![alt text](/filestore/BlogImage/24367f10-57e8-4898-aa9c-718044024214/a66da9f2-1790-4124-b070-aba4957504fdCorrineandLawrencefromRockFerry.jpg "") ### How have Rock Ferry as a school community been coping? We initially set up a rota, so staff aren’t coming in all the time and exposing themselves to the virus. We have had a big emphasis on safety and wellbeing, both for ourselves and also the children and their families. We are coping well with programmes such as dojo and text message services letting parents know when they can collect new home learning packs. We are also dropping off food donations, Easter eggs and work packs for those who are shielding at home and unable to get out to collect items from school or shops. Online meetings have been taking place between year groups and SLT as well as working from home tasks for teaching staff. ### What products/ strategies have worked for you? We have looked at using the new BBC Bitesize and Oak National Academy online learning schemes. However there can often be a confidence issue with parents using these at home. The feedback that LbQ provides enables children and parents to learn online much more easily and confidently. ### Do you have any specific anecdotes of distance-learning success? Children have been requesting what tasks they want to do at home. Some parents have even been asking for specific elements of maths, such as angles or shape. ### How has LbQ impacted on your schools ability to reach your learners and progress them? For those who access it, it has allowed for consolidation of the learning that they have undertook so far this year, as well as keeping them mentally active (which is very important at this moment). LbQ is a programme that teachers and children are used to using, so there is no need for training or teaching on how to use it. We would not have been able to be as effective as we are being with home learning had it not been for LbQ. It has also helped the environment in reducing the amount of paper we need to use to send learning packs home! ### Which Question Sets have been popular since school shut down? Cross-curricular reading, particularly with science. Children have been asking teachers for these! Arithmetic based maths question sets have also been popular. ### What challenges do you face upon returning to school? The biggest challenge, first and foremost, will be safety. Social distancing for staff and children will be difficult in a school setting. PPE may need to be provided for schools. We need to be aware that we may have had some bereavements in families and anxiety will be at an all-time high! Depending on which year groups are allowed back first, it may be the case that teachers are simultaneously supporting children in school and also those at home. For those working at home, LbQ will still be the predominant method of home learning so its usage is crucial! Supporting the well-being of some of our more vulnerable families will be at the forefront of our actions, as they are now. Massive thanks to Corinne and Laurence for taking the time to chat with us. Has your school undergone a similar distance learning experience to Rock Ferry? We'd love to hear how your school community has handled learning in lockdown, so please get in touch and let us know. You can learn more about how LbQ can help you and your learners [enjoy a successful back to school here](https://www.lbq.org/Blog/back-to-school/). To see LbQ in action, you can book a [FREE online demo](https://www.lbq.org/backtoschool/) with the team.