Pick up your pens, it’s National Writing Day! To coincide with this celebration of calligraphy, we’re shining a light on a set that can help your pupils improve their writing. [Editing and Improving Writing](http://www.lbq.org/search/english/writing/writing/editing-and-improving-writing/) Proofreading Prowess. The first level of this Year 5/6 Question Set requires pupils to identify different techniques of editing and improving a piece of writing. ![alt text](/filestore/BlogImage/3ea4ee9c-3d8f-4158-8fb3-d68e18b555b9/bb18b185-f8eb-4cbb-842f-0e034126ba1dnationalwritingday1.png "Editing and Improving Writing 1") Easy Editing. The next level then asks them to demonstrate what they have learned in the first level by suggesting ways to improve the writing of given examples. ![alt text](/filestore/BlogImage/3ea4ee9c-3d8f-4158-8fb3-d68e18b555b9/697c21f7-6341-4d7b-997e-5b5de418e978Nationalwritingday2.png "Editing and Improving Writing 2") Excellent Evaluation. The final level requires pupils to apply all the skills they have acquired to a piece of their own writing. ![alt text](/filestore/BlogImage/3ea4ee9c-3d8f-4158-8fb3-d68e18b555b9/a34e7d89-cafb-4bc8-8909-21a09b231325nationalwritingday3.png "Editing and Improving Writing 3") By the end of this set, your class will be well on their way to being proficient proofreaders who can evaluate their own seminal works of fiction! We also have a range of reading sets that cover stories, poems and non-fiction by a diverse range of authors to inspire the next generation of budding writers hiding in your classroom! You can find our reading sets [here](http://www.lbq.org/search/english/readingfiction/). Happy National Writing Day from all of us at LbQ!