Being confident with numbers is the first important step towards being able to tackle numeracy that comes up in everyday life. To coincide with Number Confidence Week, we thought we’d share some resources that can get your pupils well on their way to being number confident! ## Money, Money, Money ![alt text](/filestore/BlogImage/e4f23fe4-b01c-4ecb-84a2-af5b3b4af2a4/104f1da5-2163-450d-baf6-23daaa49c4afnumberconfidence1.jpg "") Arguably, when it comes to using maths in real-life situations, none is more important than handling money. We have numerous Question Sets that frame maths in the context of [adding, subtracting and comparing amounts of money.]( As well as this, we have several [problem solving sets]( that require pupils to solve money problems to do with money in the context of real-life situations. These sets can help get your pupils confident using money! ## Mental Maths ![alt text](/filestore/BlogImage/e4f23fe4-b01c-4ecb-84a2-af5b3b4af2a4/7146cd81-96f9-4ac9-a2e3-b4521ccea083mentalmaths2.jpg "") Being able to work out maths problems mentally and quickly is integral to becoming number confident. We have a wealth of mental maths resources that instil key mental strategies needed to develop mental arithmetic. Question Sets on [partitioning](,5,6&keywords=practise%20partitioning&hide=true//), [compensation](,5,6&keywords=practise%20compensation&hide=true///), [near-doubles](,5,6&keywords=practise%20near-doubles&hide=true//), [number bonds](,5,6&keywords=practise%20number%20bonds&hide=true//) and [related facts](,5,6&keywords=practise%20known%20facts&hide=true//) will have your pupils recalling mental maths facts at the drop of a hat! ## Times Tables ![alt text](/filestore/BlogImage/e4f23fe4-b01c-4ecb-84a2-af5b3b4af2a4/a0a07c39-faf6-4738-8264-747cdbf151b4timestables.jpg "") Being number confident starts with nailing the basics, and it doesn’t get much more basic than learning the Times Tables. Our [Times Tables Practice sets](,2,3,4&keywords=practise%20times%20table&hide=true/), as well as our [Multiplication Tables Checks sets](,2,3,4&keywords=multiplication%20tables%20chec), are perfect to get your pupils familiar with the fundamentals of mathematics! Those are just some of the resources that can help get your children on their way to being number confident! [Peruse all of our maths resources](,2,3,4,5,6), or read more about our [mental maths resources here](