by Ryan Molyneux Reading is integral to a child’s learning journey. It instils basic knowledge, but it also broadens the mind and life of the reader. Whether it be reading about ancient civilisations, modern day scientists, or something in between the two, the practice of reading influences a lifetime of learning. After the disruption of 2020, reading is more important than ever. A great way to get pupils back into the routine of learning will be to get them reading straight away. The government have even highlighted how important reading is in their recent guidance on school catch-up: > "In particular, schools may consider how all subjects can contribute to the filling of gaps in core knowledge, for example through an emphasis on reading.” Here at LbQ, we know how important reading is to a pupil’s learning journey. With this in mind, our subject matter experts have created a wealth of reading resources across KS2 to get your pupils back into the culture of learning. ## Riley’s Rainbows Getting pupils back to where they need to be academically is vitally important, but what is even more important is helping them transition smoothly into school life after a period of disruption. After such a long period of absence, it could be overwhelming for many pupils to return to school, and this could well affect their mental wellbeing. Our authors are all teachers, and they always have children’s wellbeing at the forefront of their minds when they write their sets. During the coronavirus pandemic, they have written a series of PSHE Guided Reads to help children articulate any emotions they may be feeling about the current situation. The [Riley’s Rainbows series]( deals with the initial closure of schools; the uncertain and staggered return to schools following the impact of the pandemic; and the difficult transition to high school for many Year 6 pupils who have missed out on half of their final year of primary school. ![alt text](/filestore/BlogImage/7b07678b-44d4-4214-8a66-4584e9f2cb86/3bf9952a-2bd8-4925-972a-0e98b9b7e436schoolfeelsstrangeforriley5.png "") ## Short Reads and Guided Reads Once you have identified what gaps need addressing both academically and pastorally, it is time to fill them with one of our Short Reads or Guided Reads sets. These sets cover a range of genres: biographies, comedy, myths, classic fiction, poetry and science fiction are all included. Whether it’s a story about a [Daft Dog’s Day Out](, a tale of a chicken called [Frank’s expedition into space](, or even an extract from [A Midsummer Night’s Dream,]( there’s something for every pupil of every ability. As well as being tied to curriculum objectives, these sets are also the perfect way to get your pupils back into the habit of reading! Our Short and Guided Reads also come as fully scrollable illustrated texts with a set of [comprehension questions](,2,3,4,5,6&keywords=comprehension). You can take a look at them here. ![alt text](/filestore/BlogImage/7b07678b-44d4-4214-8a66-4584e9f2cb86/23e7dc72-802b-43bd-a812-20882b642481frankthechicken.jpg "") ## Cross-Curricular Reads As well as our Short and Guided Reads, LbQ has a range of Cross-Curricular Reads that tie in with other subjects in the curriculum. These crossover sets are designed to carry over a love of reading into other parts of the curriculum, or to attract those readers that interests lie outside the subject of English. Covering topics from history, geography and science, these sets are a great way to introduce other subjects from the curriculum. From sets about the [First Aeroplane Flight](, or the tiny creature that is [the Axolotl](, to a set about the [Amazon Rainforest](,6&hide=true), these sets cover a vast array of interesting topics to entice your pupils into reading. You can read more about just how our Cross-Curricular Reads can help out in your classroom [here]( ![alt text](/filestore/BlogImage/7b07678b-44d4-4214-8a66-4584e9f2cb86/d23cdac4-d595-49ac-a225-de4b572e14e5theaxolotl.png "") Now more than ever, settling your pupils back into a routine of learning is important. Our reading resources are here to help you do just that! Read more about our reading resources [here](, or [book a demo]( to see LbQ in action!