![alt text](/filestore/BlogImage/993a5c9f-5329-40fe-a500-a238fe217095/cf137418-054f-4590-8a29-5bf195b80509ERAawardblogimage.jpg "ERA") Learning by Questions are pleased to announce that they have been awarded Best Secondary Resource - including ICT at the Education Resources Awards. LbQ travelled down to Birmingham on the 22nd March 2019 and celebrated with the best of the best in educational resources from around the country. The award has come following great success at BETT in January when [LbQ was awarded Innovator of the Year](https://www.lbq.org/Blog/bett2019-winners?news=true) and with a total of 6 nominations at the Education Resources Awards, it’s definitely been a time to celebrate. The Learning by Questions team are pleased to share comments made by the panel of judges at the Education Resources Awards who commended the company on what the resource offers both teachers and students, _“The Learning by Questions resource, offers an advanced pedagogy in reinforcing correct answers and identifying misconceptions before they become embedded.  Judges saw how the resource presents teachers with the information in a considered and relevant form. The teacher mode was highly praised and the strap line says it all. "Be the teacher you always wanted to be and unleash pupil's potential.”_ LbQ are elated to have been recognised for their excellent secondary resources in English, maths and science and look forward to continuing to make a difference to the outcomes for students and making teachers' lives easier.