by Ryan Molyneux Now that schools are finally returning to some sort of normal, there will be a lot of pressure to get pupils back on track. The EEF has published guidance on school catch-up strategies and how schools should spend the upcoming catch-up premium. LbQ meets all the EEF guidelines and is perfect to help get your school back up and running! We have grouped the recommendations into 5 simple categories. ![alt text](/filestore/BlogImage/32a603d6-cbe3-40fa-98eb-1a77d0efaf8e/01337f83-041e-462f-9c09-d5555e0f7ec7Settle1.jpg "") You can read more about the different categories on our catch-up support pages for [primary]( and [secondary]( But for now, let’s focus on how LbQ can help you and your pupils settle back into school life! ![alt text](/filestore/BlogImage/32a603d6-cbe3-40fa-98eb-1a77d0efaf8e/3b9d31d4-1a0b-4e75-b944-3ee49f08ae9cSettle2.jpg ""){: .center } After six months of school closures, a return to the classroom could be disruptive to the wellbeing of teachers, school staff and pupils. Place this alongside the issue of identifying what children have missed out on during this period of disruption, and then, in turn, addressing any gaps in knowledge that they may have, and you have a particularly daunting situation on your hands. The way to approach this is step by step, and the first, and most important, thing to do is settle your class into the environment and routine of school learning. Here’s how LbQ can smooth out your return to school! ![alt text](/filestore/BlogImage/32a603d6-cbe3-40fa-98eb-1a77d0efaf8e/369c5775-b6ac-498f-98c3-6fd9d1f0771fLbQ5.jpg ""){: .center } ## Teachers * LbQ’s automatic marking and real-time intervention reduces your workload, which means that you have more time to focus on the areas of concern in the classroom. * LbQ has low-stakes assessment Question Sets that ease the pressure of learning in a potentially overwhelming environment. These sets can help you identify gaps in knowledge without rigorous testing. * Our results matrix gives you a deeper insight into where your pupils stand academically, which means you have more time to address their pastoral needs. * Our [Riley’s Rainbows]( series of PSHE Guided Reads is here to help primary children emotionally in the current climate of the pandemic, as well as those making the tricky transition to secondary school. ![alt text](/filestore/BlogImage/32a603d6-cbe3-40fa-98eb-1a77d0efaf8e/d5750a40-f494-438f-9f7e-641b3edb64e7rileysrainbowscover.png ""){: .center } ## Pupils * LbQ is an inclusive and enjoyable method of learning that makes learning fun – children love using LbQ! * Our instant personalised feedback boosts pupil confidence and reinforces good learning practices. * The ability to ‘have another go’ at a question builds resilience and a growth mindset. * Our low-stakes assessment sets are a fun and quick way to transition pupils back into a routine of learning. ![alt text](/filestore/BlogImage/32a603d6-cbe3-40fa-98eb-1a77d0efaf8e/43c472cd-a0a6-4eba-91d8-7fa715104353LbQ6.jpg "") So that’s just some of the ways that LbQ can help you settle back into a routine of learning after this period of disruption! Read more about how LbQ supports [primary]( and [secondary]( catch up, or [ book a demo]( to see for yourself how LbQ can transform your classroom.