![alt text](/filestore/BlogImage/a445b964-24c3-4192-9879-73028f3c2b13/aaaa56e1-e6c2-4081-b5f8-aa5b07985dc2TeacherDiaryblogphoto.jpg "Duncan") Our teacher diary follows one maths teacher's journey using LbQ. Duncan Whittaker at St Christopher’s Church of England High School gives us a snapshot of its application and its impact in these regular updates. 9.4 - This is a slower paced group of students. They respond with great enthusiasm towards Learning by Questions and would happily use it every lesson. Some ground rules for the use of the tablets and LbQ have been put in place to ensure effective use and progression is maintained in class. The average estimated class grade for the end of year 11 is grade 3. ### 4th February 2019  & 5th February 2019 Aim of the lesson: Practice 1-12 times tables using [Practise 1 to 12 Times Tables (no correct feedback)](https://www.lbq.org/Questions/UserQuestionSetPreview/Practise-1-to-12-Times-Tables-no-correct-feedback). Length of session: 10 min 49 seconds Number of students: 16 Number of answers: 730 Answers right first time: 93% ### Learning by Questions lesson overview ![alt text](/filestore/BlogImage/a445b964-24c3-4192-9879-73028f3c2b13/e6e135d7-13f7-4850-b8f5-ebcfa728c903Lesson9.JPG "Matrix") Wow! What a great starter!  The times tables 1 - 12 Question Set really did settle down this set of pupils to create a nice, calm learning environment. With the matrix on the board, they were all really keen to perform to the best of their ability. The question set was randomised, so it was interesting seeing all of the green dots appearing in a random order on the matrix. It was interesting to note that 11 x 11 was the question which finished orange on the matrix and was therefore the times table that they struggled with most. We discussed this afterwards - hopefully they will remember it tomorrow!