### Whether you are using the White Rose Maths scheme of work or another approach to mastery, Learning by Questions (LbQ) can successfully deliver every aspect of the NCETM's 'Teaching for Mastery' recommendations. We've created a brief guide, based on the NCETM's 'Five Big Ideas', to demonstrate how our award-winning primary maths resources can support your whole-school implementation of a mastery approach. The beauty of these resources is that they can be accessed quickly and easily by pupils learning either in class or remotely, and all are automatically marked. ![alt text](/filestore/BlogImage/caf69156-8e29-49a6-9825-5f1cc3cc4133/5705887b-3c78-4e3f-b9d8-21944e6a6286MathsAddSubtractv1.jpg ""){: .center } Every LbQ question also comes with individual pupil feedback to help develop their understanding of concepts and topics. As the teacher, you'll be able to view every pupil answer in real time on the LbQ Results Matrix, giving you the opportunity to intervene when necessary to help those individuals or groups that need it most: * no worksheets * no photocopying * no marking * no wasted lesson time You can [download your free guide here](/filestore/BlogImage/caf69156-8e29-49a6-9825-5f1cc3cc4133/cf1d516e-5043-422a-b576-9214a57d58e6LbQandPRIMARYMathsMastery.pdf). Please note that an LbQ account is required. You can sign up for your LbQ trial [here](https://www.lbq.org/TryLbQ), which gives you FREE access to our online library of award-winning maths content for 30 days.