Every piece of LbQ is made with the teacher in mind. Every feature of our system, every question designed and every line of feedback is crafted to make sure that every teacher and every pupil makes the most out of every lesson. However, we’ve noticed that even the most avid LbQ users might not realise just how much you can utilise your teaching with us. Only 13% of them have created your own Question Set! Features like this could maximise your learning, and they are really worth using. So, with that in mind, let us run you through some things you might not know you could do with LbQ! ## Create your own Question Set{: .center } ![alt text](/filestore/BlogImage/c811bbd4-e76d-4458-bf3a-3501dde6ee25/69210f0e-edfb-49ca-bab6-46e6f021c771myquestionset.png "") Our Question Sets comprehensively cover every curriculum objective, but sometimes there are some pupil needs that require certain questions/content that are bespoke to your classroom. Why not create your own Question Set to completely meet the needs of your classroom? Feeling creative? In MyLbQ, you can populate your own Question Set with any LbQ question from any topic just by clicking "+NEW" in the top right corner of the [My Question Sets page](https://www.lbq.org/Search/UserQuestionSets). This means that you can cover several topics in one Question Set. Great for revision or assessment! ## LbQ Schemes{: .center } ![alt text](/filestore/BlogImage/c811bbd4-e76d-4458-bf3a-3501dde6ee25/aa8c85be-311a-443e-9342-3b250c6e9b1blbqschemes2.png "") This year, we introduced LbQ Schemes. Easy-to-follow Question Set collections that make lesson planning even easier! With LbQ schemes, you can: * Access relevant LbQ resources for a specific topic or scheme of learning. * Quickly and effectively plan and monitor class activity in the context of a wider curriculum. * Easily assess pupil attainment across the scheme. * Take a bird's eye view of what your class has already covered in a particular topic, and what they need to know next. * Ensure that the resources at your fingertips are as relevant, effective and impactful as they can be. To access LbQ schemes, head to [MyLbQ](https://www.lbq.org/MyLbQ) and then select a subject page. From there, click on the schemes button for whatever subject you choose and browse for a Scheme that suits you. Whether it's White Rose Maths, KS2 English or KS2/3/4 science, you're sure to find an LbQ scheme that works for your classroom. ## Tracked Classes{: .center } Tracked Classes allows teachers to access the bigger data picture of pupil progress across year groups. By creating a “Tracked Class”, you can see the full picture of what a pupil has covered and what they need to cover. Saving time on planning, marking and creating evidence as you teach! If you haven’t checked it out yet, now is the perfect time to[ book on to a 15 minute session](https://www.lbq.org/training), where we’ll show you how to hit the ground running. ![alt text](/filestore/BlogImage/c811bbd4-e76d-4458-bf3a-3501dde6ee25/0f9fee14-0848-4a78-be75-8db9f239966btrackedclasses2.png "") ## You can pause the lesson!{: .center } Many of you reading this will be shouting "I knew this!" at your computer screen. But, a surprisingly low number of LbQ users utilise this feature. While you're teaching a class, you can hit the pause button, which will then stop the Question Set on your pupil devices. You're then free to bring up a question on the board and intervene, explain and explore any misconceptions the class may have. ![alt text](/filestore/BlogImage/c811bbd4-e76d-4458-bf3a-3501dde6ee25/8430d1d5-8e24-4ec7-ae17-28ae477991eapausebuttonsnippet.JPG ""){: .center } ## Come and join our class!{: .center } Those are just a few of the things you might not know you could with LbQ, but there are plenty more time-saving techniques too. We’d love to show you them! To help you get the most of your classroom, we’d like to invite you to ours! From getting started to accessing pupil data, we’ve got everything you need to ace your LbQ lessons. Head to our [training page](https://www.lbq.org/training) to book on to FREE 15 minute sessions that can take you “Beyond the Basics” and show you everything LbQ has to offer!