by Ryan Molyneux ![alt text](/filestore/BlogImage/6b458b6d-b3b6-4138-b6db-10aa42bb4722/a81dea4e-9840-4866-bb38-29312bc2ef35teachsecondarytransitionblogimagev2.jpg ""){: .center } The transition from primary school to secondary school can often be an overwhelming one. For those new Year 7 students, it can be difficult to adjust to a larger school, a larger workload and a larger peer group. The prospect alone can be daunting to some, but the uncertain situation of the pandemic means that most children may be feeling ill-prepared for this new period in their lives. It is not just the students who may be feeling this trepidation. Teachers will have an uphill battle against a whole new cohort of Year 7 children who have missed out on their final term of primary school. With no SATs to assess them on, how will it be possible to ensure that your class is up to speed? Here at LbQ, we are aware of the troubles that this tricky transition can raise in your classroom. Our authors are all experienced teachers who care about the welfare of you and your students. They have created curriculum-aligned Question Sets that will help you navigate this transition from primary to secondary. In this article, we will highlight just how LbQ can help you through. Super secondary content ----------------------- LbQ has a wealth of secondary content in maths, English and science. Our sets are carefully scaffolded with instant targeted feedback to enable all students to progress at a pace that suits them. Running a KS3 set with a new Year 7 class is a great opportunity to show students just how much they can do. Our specific feedback encourages them to have another go if they get the question wrong. All of this can provide the perfect transition lesson. ## Access to KS2 sets An LbQ subscription also gives you access to all of our KS2 sets! This means that you can quickly and easily dip into Year 6 topics to fill the gaps in knowledge that your students may have. We also have a range of [SATs style sets]( to help you gauge where your students are at. Teacher dashboard ----------------- The teacher dashboard collates a huge amount of information for teachers, including a report on which questions students are struggling on. You can use the dashboard data to identify gaps in knowledge and address them in class. Furthermore, this year secondary schools are not going to have SATs data to see where their children are at. To rectify this, schools would have to test an entire year 7 cohort, which would take up a lot of valuable teaching time. LbQ provides an informed overview of the ability of your students, making the transition period in September much easier and purposeful. ![alt text](/filestore/BlogImage/6b458b6d-b3b6-4138-b6db-10aa42bb4722/b4eda359-6934-4697-9c3a-df18bc39715etransitionblog3.jpg) Topic Reviews ------------- LbQ has a number of sets that are designed to help you identify where your students need help on their learning journey. [Practice sets](, [topic reviews]( and [end of year assessments]( are tailored to identify gaps in class knowledge. At the start of the year, running a Year 6 end of year assessment can help you find out where each learner is at, and then plan their learning journey for them. ![alt text](/filestore/BlogImage/6b458b6d-b3b6-4138-b6db-10aa42bb4722/df6a235a-7630-4a6d-81c3-ee128c94b5eftransitionblog1.jpg) Specific coronavirus content ---------------------------- Our authors always have your children at the forefront of their minds when they create a Question Set, not only academically, but also pastorally. We have written a trilogy of PSHE Guided Reads that help students understand the emotions and issues they may have during the coronavirus pandemic. Specifically, the set [No Show for Ruben]( highlights how the support of family, friends and teachers can help children deal with the emotions that the tricky transition to high school can instil in a child, especially in the current coronavirus climate. High school is a scary enough step, but without the support of your family and teachers, it could be a very big worry for some students. This set is here to help students through this tumultuous time! ![alt text](/filestore/BlogImage/6b458b6d-b3b6-4138-b6db-10aa42bb4722/83be6ecf-302e-48a3-97ad-56b24642760cnoshowforruben1.jpg) That’s how we can help you traverse the tricky transition from primary to secondary! If you would like to try out Learning by Questions with your classes, you can[ register for a free account]( today and gain access to 1,000s of Question Sets at both primary and secondary level. For more information, or to book a demo with a member of the team, please [contact us](