![alt text](/filestore/BlogImage/fcc7a25c-3013-4dc5-a848-9b54f1beecb3/9ec555f4-81fa-4a12-a9e5-cfe77dbc5bc8ELFblogimagewhite.jpg "Future of literacy") **What does the future of literacy look like?** On 7th March (World Book Day) LbQ will launch the world's first Electronic Literature Festival for teaching and learning. The festival takes place for four weeks with competitions, interviews and snappy blog pieces – culminating on 2nd April (International Children’s Book Day) with a series of live broadcasts, twitter Q&As and fantastic downloadable resources for teachers. As part of our celebration of books, reading and studying literature we are asking teachers across the UK to survey their pupils, giving us a snap shot of what young people’s attitudes are. We will then summarise these findings into a handy whitepaper and use the feedback to evolve our own resources for the next generation of English pupils. You can also use the survey to open up some really fascinating classroom discussions – a perfect activity for World Book Day! **Every teacher who runs the survey with their class will be in with a chance of winning a 7 inch Digital Tablet plus £100 of LbQ book vouchers.** **PRIMARY** Primary online Survey for pupils [Click here to be taken to the Primary Version SurveyMonkey](https://www.surveymonkey.co.uk/r/TPXRR2R) Primary paper-based survey PDF for pupils [Click here for the Primary Version PDF](/filestore/BlogImage/fcc7a25c-3013-4dc5-a848-9b54f1beecb3/9da14bd3-f613-4275-bc0c-bc444ecc699dReadingSurveyPrimary.pdf) to fill out ‘show of hands style’ – please return to **h.abela@lbq.org** by Monday 25th March. **SECONDARY** Secondary online survey for students [Click here to be taken to the Secondary Version SurveyMonkey](https://www.surveymonkey.co.uk/r/TPCJQNS) Secondary paper-based survey PDF for students [Click here for the Secondary Version PDF](/filestore/BlogImage/fcc7a25c-3013-4dc5-a848-9b54f1beecb3/d0fbea3d-0eac-4a24-ac04-2cc95fbbda85LiteratureSurveySecondary.pdf) to fill out ‘show of hands style’ – please return to **h.abela@lbq.org** by Monday 25th March Thank you so much for taking part. Keep checking the website and social media for updates and good luck! Winners will be announced on the website on 2 April. ![alt text](/filestore/BlogImage/fcc7a25c-3013-4dc5-a848-9b54f1beecb3/1111bb0d-018a-4623-87ac-672e34281971WhiteBanner.JPG "Electronic Literature Festival")