![alt text](/filestore/BlogImage/8507693c-2cbd-4205-9756-9e5f2baa9a62/4e3572bf-fef2-43ae-88b1-f6b379d55d4eWhiteRosePlaceValueImage.png "White Rose Place Value ") Learning by Questions (LbQ) Subject and Curriculum Advisor for Primary Maths, Darryl Keane, shares some information about our newly updated White Rose Maths (WRM) schemes and block reviews. ## Updated White Rose Maths schemes and block reviews for 2022-2023 Our partners at White Rose Maths recently released their revised schemes of work for the Autumn term. Already one of the most successful maths schemes of work to ever be used in classrooms across the country - and beyond - White Rose Maths certainly haven’t rested on their laurels and have made many significant enhancements in ‘version 3.0’. Of course, the LbQ team have also made similar improvements to our award-winning primary maths resources to help teachers maximise progress in their White Rose Maths lessons. ## What’s changed in the updated White Rose Maths scheme? It’s important to note that this is not a complete rewrite, or a re-invention of the wheel in any way. The changes are often subtle, with the vast majority of the Small Steps still grouped in similar ways. However, [guidance and representations advocated by the NCETM](https://www.ncetm.org.uk/classroom-resources/cp-curriculum-prioritisation-in-primary-maths/) are now embedded throughout. Each Small Step includes key language and guidance, and there are additional Small Steps in many topics to really ensure that concepts are explored and mastered fully. Important ‘Recap Steps’ are now fully integrated into the teaching sequences in each block. Some of the blocks have also been reordered to assist those teaching mixed-age classes, or where there is a logical reason to study a topic earlier or later. Much of this is based on feedback from teachers. Full details can of course be found on the[ White Rose website](https://whiterosemaths.com/). ## How can I use LbQ alongside White Rose Maths? There are so many different ways that WRM teachers integrate LbQ to maximise the impact of every minute in the classroom. LbQ’s ready-made resources complement your White Rose Maths lessons and can be used: * to quickly assess prior understanding before teaching a new topic * for modelling concepts * as starter activities * for independent practice * for retrieval practice * for post-teach assessment. * for same-day (or even same-lesson) intervention Every set is customisable in just a few clicks, although most teachers know the content is pitched just right and use the resources ‘off-the-shelf’. And the best thing? Our live question-level analysis means that you’ll know exactly which children need your help without having to manually assess or mark each piece of work. Your pupils will get the feedback and help they need, exactly when they need it. -------------------------------------------------------------------- **Related content** [Barvember: LbQ’s Top Five Bar Models](https://www.lbq.org/Blog/barvember) [Ready To Progress: a guide and free resources](https://www.lbq.org/Blog/readytoprogress) [9 get to know your class activities](https://www.lbq.org/Blog/get-to-know-your-class-activities) ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ## How can I use the White Rose Maths schemes? If you are an LbQ subscriber, just make sure you have a Tracked Class ready and select Mathematics. Click ‘Select a scheme for this class to follow?’ and navigate to the White Rose Maths scheme for your year group. ![alt text](/filestore/BlogImage/8507693c-2cbd-4205-9756-9e5f2baa9a62/50adfbe0-e93e-480f-873a-27e5fe5a99b9WRMschemes1.JPG "White Rose Maths Schemes") Tick the box, press ‘Save’ and that’s it. The scheme will now appear on the My LbQ page with all the relevant content ready for you to use. Activity planning has never been so simple! You can see a short video of this process here. We created [this short video](https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0DYjM9FFxOU) to highlight how easy it is to assign our updated White Rose Maths schemes to your class. You can have multiple schemes if you teach mixed-age classes, or wish to track your coverage of the National Curriculum, and your relevant results will be visible regardless of where you started a Question Set from. The LbQ White Rose Maths schemes for years 3 to 6 contain content organised into different sections: ### Prior Learning Check Use a block review from an earlier year group or a [Ready-to-Progress assessment](https://www.lbq.org/search/mathematics/assessment/ready-to-progress/ready-to-progress-from-year-4-fractions?Keywords=ready-to-progress-from-year-4-fractions&openpreview=true) to find out how secure prior learning has been and adapt your planning for the new block accordingly. ### Question Sets Related to Small Steps The section where progress can really be accelerated! Here you can find award-winning LbQ content mapped to the teaching sequences of the Small Steps. Ideal for modelling strategies in Teach Mode; as a main independent activity; or for consolidation, stretch and challenge after teaching a new section of work. Pupils receive actionable feedback based on their answers, misconceptions are eradicated early and pupils automatically advance to more challenging questions when they are ready. ### Additional Practice Often in maths, practice really does make perfect. For many topics, there are optional practice sets that are ideal for starters or for retrieval practice at a later date. These sets are usually randomised and can be used repeatedly. ### Extension Even though all of our full mastery sets contain questions that will challenge even the quickest pupils, sometimes greater depth activities are also needed for these pupils. These are generally smaller in number, but much greater in challenge as pupils deepen their understanding and make conceptual links rather than racing onto the next objective. ### Assessment Of course, we need to know that pupils are secure before they continue the next step of their journey. And what better way to assess a class of pupils than through a platform that is both private and engaging, and where pupils don’t feel like they are doing a test? And where you don’t have to do any marking at all? Our all-new Block Reviews closely match the content that the pupils have studied in each topic. You can see exactly which pupils have mastered the topic and which pupils may need a little more help before they move on. If you’re feeling kind, you can even leave the LbQ feedback switched on, so that pupils can correct their own mistakes and leave the assessment feeling successful and in control of their learning. If you’d rather have a pure assessment, simply toggle to ‘Exam Mode’ when you start the set. The pupils won’t know how they’ve done until you choose to share the results with them, and you still won’t have to do any of the marking - instead skipping straight to the valuable analysis. ## Are White Rose Maths updating the KS3 and KS4 schemes of work? Not at the moment, although it is likely that they will enhance those schemes over the next couple of years. Keep an eye on their website for updates. ## Can I still use the old White Rose Maths scheme? For 2022-23, White Rose Maths will have both versions of their schemes available. And we will too! For those schools continuing with the older version of the White Rose Maths schemes, we are keeping those versions of the schemes and Block Reviews available and unchanged for this academic year. ## How do I access the LbQ White Rose Maths schemes and resources? If you're not an LbQ subscriber, yet want to take your implementation of the White Rose Maths scheme to the next level, you’re in the right place. We’ll give you - and as many teachers from your school as you like - full and unrestricted access to all of our resources for 6 weeks! Simply [book a tour of the platform](https://www.lbq.org/wrm) at a time convenient to you and we’ll get you started.