There are few things that get children more excited than food, and Year 6 pupils will certainly be ready for a treat around now. Our partner White Rose Maths has whipped up a wonderful project that you can do with your class which can be done after their learning scheme is completed, or after SATs. Your budding mathematicians will have great fun creating cupcakes and packaging them (and at the same time be practising those key skills from KS2). Our team at Learning by Questions are also partial to a nice sponge, and they have got busy in the kitchen too, creating 4 showstopper Question Sets that you can run alongside the project. [Shopping Lists]( [Baking Problems]( [Packaging]( [Profit and Loss]( If you run one of these Question Sets with your class, you could be in with a chance to win a cookery book for every single one of your star pupils! So after half term, get your aprons on and ready, steady...maths! ![alt text]( "")![alt text]( "") **We will pick a winner out of the chefs hat on June 17th so make sure you run at least one of the Question Sets by then.**