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Frequently Asked Questions

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Technical Infrastructure

  • Which browsers are supported?

    The Learning by Questions platform has the following minimum specifications.

    Microsoft Windows:

    • Google Chrome (latest version) or
    • Mozilla Firefox (latest version) or
    • Microsoft Edge (latest version) or
    • Internet Explorer 11 (latest version)

    Mac OS X:

    • Google Chrome (latest version) or
    • Safari (10+)

    Google Chromebook:

    • Latest version
    • Browser: Chrome


    • Compatible with iPad 2 or higher; iPad Mini; iPad Pro
    • Operating System: iOS 8.1 or above
    • Browser: Safari


    • Version 4.1 (Kit Kat) or higher
    • Google Chrome

    Please note, we are not able to test against all Android makes, models and versions, but if you encounter an issue, please let us know at

  • Which devices are compatible with LbQ Tasks?

    The following devices are compatible with LbQ Tasks:


    • iPad 2 or higher
    • iOS 8 or higher


    • Version 4.1 (Kit Kat) or higher

    Windows mobile:

    • Windows 10
    • Windows 10 Mobile

  • Where can I get the app?

    The LbQ Tasks app is available in three different app stores:

  • What is the address for pupils to join if they use a browser?

    We would recommend that if possible, pupils should use the LbQ Tasks app, but this is not always possible either due to not having the app installed or using a device on which the app is not currently available. In these cases, we recommend using a browser to access an assignment.

    You can access the assignment in a browser at the following URL:

  • I am unable to start a Task

    If you are unable to start a task, this may be due to issues with network restrictions. To confirm if you are able to establish a connection, and for steps to resolve this if unsuccessful, please visit our connection test

  • What web addresses need to be opened on a firewall for to work?

    To use the Learning by Questions service, either as a teacher, or as a pupil, you will need to have access to:

  • How much bandwidth is required?

    We do not have a specific bandwidth requirement for Learning by Questions and this will vary depending on a wide range of factors. We take care to optimise the experience however, in both the website and the content, to ensure as smooth an experience as is possible.

    To provide an example, we have successfully delivered assignments in a classroom environment with the teacher and 30 pupils all connected via a 4G signal (up to 60Mbs).

  • Can I use this on a Chromebook?


    As a teacher you can use the site as on any other computer, and as a pupil the browser-based approach for connecting to an assignment works also.

    The LbQ Tasks app is also fully supported through Chromebooks that have access to the Google Play store.

  • Will it be available on a smartphone?

    Whilst much of the browser-based experience will work on a smartphone, for example starting an assignment, we don’t formally support the use of LbQ on phones at this stage.

    LbQ Tasks is currently not designed to be used on a smartphone.

  • If I don’t have Wi-Fi in my classroom, can I still use it?

    The use of through either the browser or LbQ Tasks relies on the presence of an Internet connection. This could be a wired connection where appropriate, but a connection is required.

  • Can I use in private/anonymous mode on my browser?

    No, we do not support the use of the site in private mode.


  • Where can I get technical support?

    If you have technical issues that are not covered through these FAQs, you can contact us at When getting in touch it is important that you provide us with suitable information so that we are able to help with your issue. As a minimum, please supply the following:

    • Your name

    • Your School

    • The email address you use to log in to

    • A brief overview of the issue you are encountering

    • If the issue is in the browser:

      • What device you are using

      • What browser you are using and the version

      • What operating system you are using

      • Is your device connected to an IWB? If so, does the same problem occur if you use a mouse or the IWB?

    • If the issue is with LbQ Tasks:

      • What device you are using

      • What version of LbQ Tasks you are using (this is available from the information icon on the opening screen of the app).

    If possible, we always appreciate screenshots of the issue you are having if appropriate. Depending on the nature of the issue, we may well require further information to diagnose the issue.

  • Drawing tools do not work on my classroom panel.

    If your PC is using Windows 7, you may well find that you are not able to draw on the intervention screen on your panel. To fix this, you will need to install Microsoft Touch Pack. We have some guidelines on doing just that here.

    If you are using Microsoft Edge, you may have to enable the use of touch controls in your browser. This can be accessed by typing about:flags in your browser search bar, then changing "Enable touch events" to "Only on when a touchscreen is detected".

User Accounts

  • How do I change my password?

    You can now change your password via the Manage My Account link in the site menu.

  • How can I get a reminder if I have forgotten my password?

    If you have forgotten your password, you can now reset this via the Reset Password page.

  • Can I share content with other members of my school?

    If you have a school account with a subscription, yes! If you have created a Question Set you would like to share with other members of your school, simply edit your question set, then use the ‘Share’ button at the top. Your school will be listed in the box that is presented, select this and click share.

    Your colleagues will now have this Question Set available if they visit ‘My Question Sets’.

Question sets

  • How do I write my own questions?

    You can write your own Question Sets by selecting “My Question Sets” from the MyLbQ area and then using “+ New”.

  • What’s the difference between a “User”, “School” and “Published” Question Set?

    A “User” Question Set is only visible by the author in their “My Question Sets” folder.

    A “School” Question Set is only visible to teachers at the author’s school and it appears in the “My Question Sets”.

    A “Published” question set was created by Learning by Questions and appears under a subject below such as


  • Can I create a group?

    If you are a member of a school with a subscription, each time you start a task you will be able to select a group you have used before, or create a new group.

    If you are a registered as an individual, you will not be able to create a group at this time. Each time you run a task your group will be given the name My Class.

  • How can I delete my groups or classes?

    We do not currently offer this facility, but we will be working on this in the future.


  • What is the model for the Maths Mastery Question Sets?

    Due to the government requirement for children to have in essence a mastery of mathematics we have adapted and extended the mastery approach created by White Rose Maths. Pupils progress through 4 stages ‘teaching and understanding’, ‘fluency’, ‘reasoning’ and then ‘problem solving’.

  • What scheme of work is used?

    Our questions are directly linked to the National Curriculum programme of study and the statutory requirements stated within.

  • When will other subjects and other years be ready?

    We don’t currently publish a timetable for Question Set production because we are highly dependent upon the feedback from teachers and that includes the subject areas, topics and years for which content is needed most.

    We are continuously publishing content. As they are readied you will see them appear.

Managing Devices

  • What procedures should we have in place for managing devices?

    You should have procedures in place for:

    • Ensuring that tablets are charged before lessons.
    • Loading and updating Apps and operating system on the classroom devices, ideally configured so that updates do not happen mid-lesson.
    • Scheduling use of devices if they are shared between teachers/classrooms.
    • Storage and handing out/collection of devices
    • First line technical support to diagnose any usability issues.

  • Where can I find out more information about my cabinet/tablet warranty?

    You can find more information about our warranty cover here.