LbQ has hundreds of online classroom resources that children can work through at their own pace while receiving marking and feedback as they go. In the current uncertain climate, parents are looking for effective learning resources to educate their children while they cannot attend school. Why not keep the children occupied with high-quality questions that boost learning and grow confidence?

LbQ@Home is here to help your child keep learning until they are ready to return to school!

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A word from our founder, Tony Cann

Everyone at LbQ has been delighted to help families during lockdown. The number of people using LbQ@Home has grown quickly and we are told you are finding it really helpful. However, we need to stress that LbQ is designed as a classroom tool. Teachers can use it in class and follow in real time what each pupil is doing, intervening appropriately. They can also keep the results to plan lessons and help individuals. If you have found LbQ useful, please tell your school about it.

Please use these resources as much as you like, but remember the following:

This is an 'in the moment' resource and no data is recorded.
At present these resources are not optimised for use on phones or other smaller devices.
We'll do our best, but there is no guarantee of constant availability.