Inside LbQ

Learning by Questions is made up of thousands of Question Sets, which have been created by teachers who have utilised their wealth of experience to write them.

LbQ Question Sets

Reduced teacher Workloads – LbQ's matrix provides real-time lesson analysis, which means you can see exactly how every member of your class is performing and direct your time to the students that need it the most. Our system automatically marks students' answers and collates them to save teachers hours of marking. Teachers claim that using LbQ saves them an hour for each lesson.

Address Misconception - Our authors use their teaching experience to pinpoint common incorrect answers and write targeted feedback to address these misconceptions. Our feedback corrects common mistakes while providing the information that students need to get the correct answer.

Make Practice Perfect – Practice sets across the key subjects of maths, English and science secure student understanding of tricky concepts. Practice makes perfect.

Stretch every student – Our sets are structured to advance higher ability students. If a student answers a certain number of questions correctly, they progress to the next level in the Question Set. This structure allows students to progress to higher levels of learning within the time constraints of a busy classroom.

Engage Students – Subject matter experts use a variety of question types, approaches, images and illustrations to create engaging learning content for you and your students.

Maximise Available Lesson Time – LbQ Question Sets allow each student to progress at their own pace. Our content will help you get the most out of your lesson time by engaging 100% of the classroom.

Guide Learning – Carefully sequenced questions that test knowledge, understanding, fluency, reasoning and problem solving are scaffolded with context and images to guide each student through the breadth and depth of a topic.

Give Constructive Feedback – Specific feedback is provided to help a student if they answer a question incorrectly, or to reinforce a concept if they answer correctly.

Build Confidence – Through immediate retries, constructive targeted feedback and the opportunity to practise, LbQ Question Sets build confidence in your classroom and foster a healthy attitude towards learning.

Cater for Mixed Abilities – LbQ sets can be adapted to suit any classroom. You can create, modify or re-order questions and levels to meet the needs of a particular classroom, or even run up to three different Question Sets at a time to address the mixture of abilities in your class.