![alt text](/filestore/BlogImage/cf83e65a-8fa3-44c6-a2dc-954b3453f7e0/0358f07a-3810-47f6-a9a2-4da65a565b20Backtoschoolandbeyond.png ""){: .center } Pupils are set to return to classrooms in larger numbers in the not-too-distant future, which means teachers face a number of challenges to ensure the curriculum and classroom are fit for everyone coming back from lockdown. This is no ordinary “back to school” prep. Teachers have been the unsung heroes during this difficult time. We want to help you and your pupils make an easy transition back into the classroom and carry on with the most important thing: learning. Here’s how LbQ can help you overcome some of the potential hurdles you will face. ### Challenge 1: Identifying gaps in knowledge Where are the gaps in your student’s knowledge? It’s hard to identify who has or hasn’t picked up a key concept during the lockdown. Assessment has been extremely difficult for those that are reliant on children sending in work via email etc. For those using Learning by Questions, the gaps in knowledge are much easier to see… ### Find the gaps with LbQ Testing all of your pupils upon their return to the classroom may seem like the best solution. However, as we all adjust to the “new normal”, a test and the subsequent marking may not be the best route to take. An LbQ Question Set allows you to assess retention of previously taught objectives in the time it takes to teach a single lesson! Our [End of Topic Reviews](https://www.lbq.org/search/mathematics?keywords=topic%20review/) are especially effective. ![alt text](/filestore/BlogImage/cf83e65a-8fa3-44c6-a2dc-954b3453f7e0/75cc6f1b-b8c0-47fc-89eb-0439cdc32a89RESULTSMATRIXresized.jpg "") As pupils answer questions on LbQ, the teacher is provided with a clear results matrix that shows how the pupils have answered those questions and how many tries it took them to answer. Our matrix means that teachers need not climb up mountains of marking to find out who knows what. ### Challenge 2: A phased return to the classroom A ‘phased return’ could mean a multitude of things. Learning by Questions can help you no matter what the new classroom picture looks like. ### LbQ helps teachers It is highly likely that the return to school will be carefully structured. Children may return on a rota-type basis, which means you may not have your entire class in the room at any one time. With LbQ, your pupils can continue learning as if they were in the classroom with you. Just send the 3-digit lesson code to those at home so they can join in. You can even run separate Question Sets for those at home and those in class. ![alt text](/filestore/BlogImage/cf83e65a-8fa3-44c6-a2dc-954b3453f7e0/72b7086e-02b8-4044-9cad-8274b63ed40ccodescreengrab4.jpg ""){: .center } **Teacher Tip**: Ask the pupils in class to put an X in front of their name. The system will sort them alphabetically, which means you can easily differentiate between classroom and home learners. ### Challenge 3: Filling the gaps in knowledge Inevitably, there will be gaps in knowledge. Every child’s home circumstance is different; every child’s access to digital learning is different; every child’s ability is different. However, this doesn’t mean that these gaps can’t be filled… ### Fill the gaps with LbQ LbQ is perfect for filling gaps in knowledge. Pupils can work at their own pace through Question Sets that provide personalised feedback for each and every answer. If a child displays a gap in knowledge, they will be provided with more questions that build their basic understanding of a concept. Teachers can also spot misconceptions in real-time and intervene via the results matrix. ![alt text](/filestore/BlogImage/cf83e65a-8fa3-44c6-a2dc-954b3453f7e0/d60243a5-447f-481c-9add-5a91191c2ce9Topicreviewimage3.JPG "") If children do understand a concept, they will be moved on to questions that challenge them further. LbQ helps teachers to ensure no child is left behind, and that has never been more important than it is in this moment. ### Challenge 4: Helping pupils regain confidence It’s been a tough time for everyone. Children are incredibly resilient and capable of dealing with change, but the great upheaval they have experienced might take a toll on their confidence. LbQ can help teachers to instil confidence in their pupils once again. ### Give your pupils drive and determination with LbQ Each and every question on the LbQ platform has tailored feedback with hints and tips that encourage pupils to have another go. LbQ provides positive reinforcement that addresses misconceptions and spurs the pupil on to get the question right and beat their previous score! ![alt text](/filestore/BlogImage/cf83e65a-8fa3-44c6-a2dc-954b3453f7e0/ac94cf78-ca82-4b47-a92a-8f5b9d21d3f3inclassimagescreengrabv2.jpg "") Seeing their Progress Bar turn green can turn even the most reluctant pupils into LbQ fans and help them to believe in their own ability. These are just some of the challenges that LbQ can help you overcome. Nobody really knows what to expect from the return to school, and the unknown is part of the concern for so many teachers, pupils and parents. Whatever happens, you can rest assured that LbQ has got your back. If you’re interested in how LbQ can give you a helping hand, [book a FREE online demo](https://www.lbq.org/Contact-Us?demo=1/) and see for yourself how we’re transforming EdTech one classroom at a time. ### Like this article? Please share it on social using the buttons below.