As we get ever nearer to the much-deserved Christmas break at the end of a tumultuous year, the team at [#PrimaryRocks]( show no signs of slowing down, continuing to ask interesting questions and promoting discussion amongst the education community. The [@PrimaryRocks]( Twitter account is a fantastic place for primary educators to come together and support each other, sharing resources, discussing new ideas and sharing best practice. Every Monday, between 8pm & 9pm they post a series of questions put forward by the education community on Twitter. This week, [#PrimaryRocks]( asked a question that got everyone talking: _“Is there something that you have had to change in school due to Covid that you would like to keep because it works better?” _ It’s a question that highlighted just how well our educators have adapted to the current situation. From PE kits to staggered lunchtimes, we looked through the responses provided by teachers and have listed some of the more popular answers below! ![alt text](/filestore/BlogImage/c44a422f-1366-4e2d-87b4-f069846cf21a/a5b67425-7b9e-4c29-9fdd-eb2b41c7e41cLbQ3.jpg "") ### Time Saving Schedules A lot of teachers noted that the blended learning, class clusters, narrowed timetables and online meetings meant that they had more time to teach! “The lack of additional extras we would do such as class assemblies, cluster school performances etc has so far given me approx one week extra in my timetable. We have also had considerably less staff meetings and governor meetings by zoom. So much shorter!!” – [@lilliando]( “Virtual meetings seem more productive and instant. Blended learning has helped push us into the 21st century!” – [@JonnyBailey87]( ### Staggered Lunchtimes Many teachers tweeted about how great the new staggered lunchtimes were for both them and their pupils! “Staggered breaks and lunches have been a game changer.” – [@JonnyBailey87]( “My kids are loving the playground just being their year group. More space, more time to play football and less fall outs.” – [@amandarussell35]( “Extending lunchtimes seems to have made the general behaviour better. Would look at extending that if possible.” – [@PaulWat5]( ### Everyone Being in This Together Most of the teachers who responded referenced how there is a stronger sense of community between staff in the current climate. Long may it continue! “Better teamwork with staff in the same bubble as COVID has put everything into perspective.” – [@keran77]( “Consistent and visible support for staff and pupil well-being. Should have always been there but now it has become paramount and should remain there!” – [@MrACDPresent]( ### PE Kits By far and away, the biggest response to this question was about PE kits! Almost everyone agreed that children arriving to school in their PE kits saved so much time in the school day. “Think so many will agree with this – wearing PE kits on PE day!! So much time saved. No more lost clothes. More time for PE.” – [@MissKingTeach]( “No changing for PE – actually getting a full hour of learning and no random lost socks!” – [@Ms_Eowyn_Rohan]( “The children come into school with PE kits on 2 x per week, saves time and less chance of lost items of clothing.” – [@keran77]( Once again, [@PrimaryRocks]( ignited a stimulating discussion between teachers. This particular question shows that there are some lessons we can take from the current situation, and some silver linings for schools on the horizon!