![alt text](/filestore/BlogImage/7670ebc6-a23a-4384-b70b-8a91216217ea/cfc4b317-37b4-46ff-9e81-bdae39668fa2Blogimage1305.jpg "Neew Question Sets") Our team of specialist science teacher authors have continued their hard work by producing a range of Question Sets for key stage three in all three subjects. Re-released this week is a wide range of revised Question Sets in key stage two and key stage three mathematics. ### New Question Sets #### English [Using the Suffixes -ion and -ian to Spell Words Ending the /Shun/ Sound](https://www.lbq.org/Search/English?quickRef=11568) (years 3/4) [Using the Suffix -ly](https://www.lbq.org/Search/English?quickRef=11572) (years 3/4) #### Biology [Continuous and Discontinuous Variation](https://www.lbq.org/Search/Biology?quickRef=11570) (years 7/8/9) #### Chemistry [Metal and Acid Reactions](https://www.lbq.org/Search/Chemistry?quickRef=11234) (years 7/8/9) #### Physics [Use of Electromagnets 1: Bells and Circuit Breakers](https://www.lbq.org/Search/Physics?quickRef=11573) (years 7/8/9) [Structure of Electromagnets](https://www.lbq.org/Search/Physics?quickRef=11238) (years 7/8/9) ### Revised Question Sets #### Maths [Solve Problems Using Pythagoras’ Theorum and Trigonometry](https://www.lbq.org/Search/Mathematics?quickRef=10631) (year 9) [Divide Proper Numbers by Whole Numbers](https://www.lbq.org/Search/Mathematics?quickRef=10156) (year 6) [Interpret Frequency Polygons](https://www.lbq.org/Search/Mathematics?quickRef=10442) (year 9) [Use Trigonometry to Find a Missing Side (where the unknown is the denominator)](https://www.lbq.org/Search/Mathematics?quickRef=10665) (year 9) [Use Trigonometry to Find a Missing Side (where the unknown is the numerator)](https://www.lbq.org/Search/Mathematics?quickRef=10650) (year 9) [Use Trigonometry to Find a Missing Angle](https://www.lbq.org/Search/Mathematics?quickRef=10701) (year 9) [Identify the Hypotenuse, Adjacent and Opposite Sides in Right-angled Triangles](https://www.lbq.org/Search/Mathematics?quickRef=10615) (year 9) [Recognise Regular and Irregular Polygons](https://www.lbq.org/Search/Mathematics?quickRef=10251) (year 5) [Fractions Topic Review ](https://www.lbq.org/Search/Mathematics?quickRef=11569)(year 5) [Fractions Topic Review ](https://www.lbq.org/Search/Mathematics?quickRef=11571)(year 6) [Ratio Topic Review](https://www.lbq.org/Search/Mathematics?quickRef=11574) (year 8) You can also take a look at last week’s [Question Set update](https://www.lbq.org/News/new-Question-Sets0705?news=true). Learning by Questions also have a range of books that aid planning and teaching in the classroom. Take a look at our [latest Learning by Questions Teacher books](https://www.lbq.org/Books) and super-charge the learning in your classroom.