![alt text](/filestore/BlogImage/6796eac8-0537-4307-8930-08c9a4d3bbfd/edbba22e-b3d7-4f46-ba30-4077120857e2Newsearchblogimage.jpg "New search") One of Learning by Questions’ best assets are the teachers who use the platform. Teachers who use LbQ regularly and are able to provide feedback on what works and what doesn’t, gives us the chance to make things better. Projects like the [Feedback 50 Project](https://www.lbq.org/Areas/Default/Content/Default/Document/LbQ%20Feedback%2050%20Concluding%20Report.pdf) and our Blackpool and Oldham trial, as well as regular meetings with teachers highlighted some areas of improvement to be made on the way you find Question Sets on LbQ. So our team of developers got to work and we’re really excited to share with you the changes that have been made. ### Find faster Making Learning by Questions faster has always been high on our priority list as we aim to save teachers the maximum amount of time. The development team here at Learning by Questions have optimised the search function for teachers by streamlining the available options. There is now a much quicker route to the resources that are most helpful to you. You can’t always know what you want, if you don’t know what’s available. We now have over 1,250 Question Sets and our new search function allows you to look at specific Question Sets; related sets that might support the learning of another; and the ability to look at all the details involved in each Question Set all on the same screen. Once a subject and a sub-topic has been selected, the display will show all Question Sets available in the sub-topics, sorted by year group, making it easier for you to select Question Sets based on the needs of your individual pupils. Clicking on a Question Set will provide you with the quick preview normally provided, but without removing you from the search page. Competencies, prior knowledge and terminology will also be displayed to ensure your full understanding of the Question Set before you open it fully. ![alt text](/filestore/BlogImage/6796eac8-0537-4307-8930-08c9a4d3bbfd/ee34b379-4ebd-480b-8e33-262d01ef7998Search.JPG "Search") ### Prepare and deliver easily We asked teachers who use LbQ regularly about how they prepare and deliver Question Sets. As a result, we have optimised the presentation of these functions to prioritise those most commonly used, whilst still allowing the flexibility to access the lesser used functions. Once you have found a Question Set, it’s now even easier and more obvious how you can prepare and deliver this for use in your classroom. You can also continue to utilise the planning and favouriting functions that were there before to save time on searching for Question Sets. ![alt text](/filestore/BlogImage/6796eac8-0537-4307-8930-08c9a4d3bbfd/239d6166-2c14-487d-b56e-e839e7e7214bSearchwithquestionset.JPG "search with question set") The new search will be launched over Easter ready to be used in classrooms for the summer term. We’re very confident that once the new search function is available, you will find it very easy to navigate. But if you do have any questions regarding the new search, or any other issues or questions you have to do with Learning by Questions and its use in the classroom, email your query to [support@lbq.org](mailto:support@lbq.org)