![alt text](/filestore/BlogImage/777b415e-f3f0-4ff1-bdb5-59c851ab953f/3760cb57-69af-4afd-a895-c7790b46b505remembranceday6.jpg ""){: .center } LbQ has some KS2 History Reading Question Sets to help your pupils understand the events between 1939 and 1945 just in time for Remembrance Day. The Short Read ‘[Britain in the Blitz](https://www.lbq.org/search/english/reading-comprehension-non-fiction?years=1,2,3,4,5,6&keywords=Britain%20in%20the%20Blitz)’ describes what life was like for ordinary people during the heavy bombing raids between September 1940 and May 1941. ![alt text](/filestore/BlogImage/777b415e-f3f0-4ff1-bdb5-59c851ab953f/5f6f3471-6009-4fba-9145-42395e7138cdremembranceday1.jpg ""){: .center } The ‘Britain in the Blitz’ Pre-Read Question Set defines new vocabulary such as, civilians, sirens and shrapnel. The Retrieval Question Set asks questions like, ‘Why was there a food shortage during World War 2?’ The Features Question Set asks questions about captions, subheadings and the glossary. ![alt text](/filestore/BlogImage/777b415e-f3f0-4ff1-bdb5-59c851ab953f/e95639ec-f748-4fe7-9838-a2cc100c66bfRemembranceday2.jpg ""){: .center } Each Short Read Question Set contains two questions that ask for written responses from pupils, such as ‘Imagine that you’re an evacuee at the time of WW2. Write a letter to your parents.’ These types of questions gives a personal context to this season of Remembrance, encouraging pupils to put themselves in the shoes of someone who lived through World War 2. LbQ’s Guided Read ‘[The Battle of Britain](https://www.lbq.org/search/english/reading-comprehension-scrollable-text-versions/history/the-battle-of-britain67b31bdb-2307-4b05-8236-8c7cef7c229f?years=1,2,3,4,5,6&keywords=the%20battle%20of%20britain)’ is a longer text about the events leading up to the Battle of Britain in 1940 and about some of the incredible people who worked tirelessly to end World War 2. ![alt text](/filestore/BlogImage/777b415e-f3f0-4ff1-bdb5-59c851ab953f/d4abb064-8154-4f5b-816f-2f86e489acb0remembranceday3.jpg ""){: .center } ‘The Battle of Britain’ Question Set includes questions that ask pupils to name important figures in the war, give reasons for certain events or decisions, retrieve dates and sequence events. ![alt text](/filestore/BlogImage/777b415e-f3f0-4ff1-bdb5-59c851ab953f/63f69006-6ced-4fbf-a09e-7a00da9d7b19Remembranceday4.jpg ""){: .center } These questions are not only important for pupil comprehension, but they also provide some important historical context to Remembrance Day, ![alt text](/filestore/BlogImage/777b415e-f3f0-4ff1-bdb5-59c851ab953f/b4723c8e-f943-4d5d-b997-64f5637fa51aRemembranceday5.jpg "") {: .center } Written for use in history lessons or during whole class, guided, reciprocal or independent reading, LbQ’s World War 2 Question Sets are also available as full, scrollable texts, which can be found in the [‘Comprehension’ topics in the KS2 English and History sections](https://www.lbq.org/search/english/reading-comprehension-scrollable-text-versions?years=1,2,3,4,5,6) on your LbQ home page. Our resources are here to give your pupils some personal and historical context to the Remembrance Day services. Together, we will remember them. ![alt text](/filestore/BlogImage/777b415e-f3f0-4ff1-bdb5-59c851ab953f/3760cb57-69af-4afd-a895-c7790b46b505remembranceday6.jpg ""){: .center }