Inspiring and impactful lessons need resources to match. LbQ Question Sets aren’t just amazingly comprehensive, covering every curriculum objective and more besides, but they also work dynamically.

By using LbQ’s rich library of resources alongside our unique classroom delivery tool, you’ll enjoy greater opportunities to interact and intervene with your pupils. That’s more lightbulb moments in every lesson.

It’s so easy and empowering to use, you’ll never want to go back.

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LbQ Question Sets organised into collections by topic or curriculum to make your lesson planning even easier. We're even aligned to teacher-favourite White Rose Maths. You can save results as you go by using the LbQ Class Track, which gives you that big data picture without the big workload.

About our Primary English content


Our GPS Question Sets allow pupils to practise and master the topics from the National Curriculum. Each Question Set follows a theme from a familiar story to engage pupils and teach GPS concepts in context.

The GPS Mastery Question Sets support pupils in developing deep understanding as they follow a complete learning journey towards mastery of a topic:

  • In Level 1, pupils recap relevant prior knowledge.
  • In Level 2, pupils demonstrate their understanding of the objective.
  • In Levels 3 and 4, pupils apply and consolidate their understanding of the objective.


With our Short Read Question Sets, pupils can develop their vocabulary, retrieval and inference skills.

All of our Short Reads are written with whole-class, guided, reciprocal and individual reading in mind, and they are based on a collection of short original texts written by our in-house authors. Each Question Set in the series includes 10 comprehension questions, two of which are short written tasks.

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