"The Question Sets are masterpieces"

Our authors have all been in your shoes: they are all teachers. They have utilised their wealth of experience to create thousands of structured Question Sets to save you hours of planning and marking time every week.

All our sets can be used in a range of teaching modes.

With LbQ, you can drill a particular rule with a practice set, conquer a complicated theorem with a mastery set, or even craft your own bespoke Question Set for a particularly tricky subject.

LbQ Maths
Our maths experts have developed a range of Question Sets that approach KS2, KS3 and KS4 through the principles of mastery. Each set addresses a key objective from the National Curriculum or the White Rose Maths curriculum breakdown with coherence, progression and depth.

As well as mastery sets, our authors have produced a range of practice Question Sets to develop the recall skills of your students. Covering primary topics like times tables, number bonds, prime numbers, multiplication, division, addition and subtraction, and secondary topics such as simultaneous equations, quadratic expressions and sequences, our practice sets can help your students become familiar with any topic. Reasoning, problem solving and end of topic review Question Sets are also provided. We also have ready-made SATS assessment sets and foundation and higher sets in Key Stage 4.

LbQ English
KS2 English Question Sets address all of the spelling, punctuation and grammar objectives covered in the National Curriculum. Whether you want to teach your students how to spell tricky words, understand main and subordinate clauses or even convert verbs to different tenses, our subject matter experts have left no stone unturned.

We also have a range of KS2 Short Reads Question Sets, which cover genres including fiction, non-fiction, biography, poetry, fable, myth and science fiction. Our Short Reads are written with whole class and guided reading in mind: they provide structure, context and the opportunity for greater depth analysis to further your students' development as a reader. We also have a number of Cross Curricular Reads that have texts relating to history, geography and science. LbQ's KS3 English Sets are designed to develop student understanding, engagement and critical analysis of non-fiction and fiction texts. With a collection of texts that cover the likes of Shakespeare, William Blake and Charles Dickens, as well as opinion pieces on the Tour de France, esports and smartphones, our engaging KS3 content is crafted to contextualise the skills your class needs to set them up for KS4. We also have revision sets to drill the necessary spelling and grammar required.

KS4 English sets on Shakespeare plays are also in the works. We recently published our first collection of sets about Romeo and Juliet.

LbQ Science
LbQ Science authors have written an array of Question Sets that cover primary science as well as the KS3 curriculum for biology, chemistry and physics. Mastery Question Sets are designed to help your students deepen their knowledge and understanding of a topic then apply this gained knowledge in different contexts. We also have a range of practice Question Sets and investigation Question Sets to hone and develop students’ scientific skills.

Our Science team have recently published KS4 Question Sets that cover the key knowledge and skills from the AQA GCSE specification.Our required practicals contain exam-style questions for foundation and higher-tier students.

Each Question Set focuses on just one specific learning objective and contains high quality questions with ideal and captivating examplars. In addition to sending the questions to pupil devices you can also use the questions for teaching with in front of class during your lessons. During or after teaching you can run an LbQ Question Set so you can instantly verify how much your pupils have learned and where the gaps in understanding are, enabling you to intervene and re- teach where needed – while the lesson is still running.

LbQ Question Sets

Reduced teacher Workloads – LbQ's matrix provides real-time lesson analysis, which means you can see exactly how every member of your class is performing and direct your time to the students that need it the most. Our system automatically marks students' answers and collates them to save teachers hours of marking. Teachers claim that using LbQ saves them an hour for each lesson.

Address Misconception - Our authors use their teaching experience to pinpoint common incorrect answers and write targeted feedback to address these misconceptions. Our feedback corrects common mistakes while providing the information that students need to get the correct answer.

Make Practice Perfect – Practice sets across the key subjects of maths, English and science secure student understanding of tricky concepts. Practice makes perfect.

Stretch every student – Our sets are structured to advance higher ability students. If a student answers a certain number of questions correctly, they progress to the next level in the Question Set. This structure allows students to progress to higher levels of learning within the time constraints of a busy classroom.

Engage Students – Subject matter experts use a variety of question types, approaches, images and illustrations to create engaging learning content for you and your students.

Maximise Available Lesson Time – LbQ Question Sets allow each student to progress at their own pace. Our content will help you get the most out of your lesson time by engaging 100% of the classroom.

Guide Learning – Carefully sequenced questions that test knowledge, understanding, fluency, reasoning and problem solving are scaffolded with context and images to guide each student through the breadth and depth of a topic.

Give Constructive Feedback – Specific feedback is provided to help a student if they answer a question incorrectly, or to reinforce a concept if they answer correctly.

Build Confidence – Through immediate retries, constructive targeted feedback and the opportunity to practise, LbQ Question Sets build confidence in your classroom and foster a healthy attitude towards learning.

Cater for Mixed Abilities – LbQ sets can be adapted to suit any classroom. You can create, modify or re-order questions and levels to meet the needs of a particular classroom, or even run up to three different Question Sets at a time to address the mixture of abilities in your class.