LbQ Super Deal

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Instant feedback, automatic marking and peace of mind.

Our affordable classroom tablet sets perfectly accompany your LbQ lessons. They enable instant feedback to learners along with automatic marking, typically saving teachers one hour per lesson.

LbQ devices:

  • are compatible with other Android apps and websites.
  • come with soft-touch silicone covers.
  • have the LbQ Tasks app pre-installed, so your first LbQ lesson can start without delay.
  • include a comprehensive advanced replacement warranty service.
  • are stored securely in a robust, lockable charging cabinet (Super Deal package only).

We have various packages available, simply choose the one that suits your needs and budget.

The Super Deal package includes a large tablet on which the teacher can control the session from anywhere in the classroom, as well as monitor individual progress and results during the LbQ activity. The costs of this package can be spread over 3 years.

When the kit arrives, remove the outer protection, connect the tablets to your Wi-Fi and you are ready to go. There will be no unpacking of 33 boxes – we eliminated them to save you time, reduce costs and help save the planet!

Product sheet Minimum LbQ Subscription Required Charging Hub Warranty 8" Tablets for Learners 10" Tablet for Teacher Charging & Storage Cabinet LbQ Books Included LbQ Book Vouchers Purchase Per Year Option
LbQ Super Deal 1 Year - 3 Year 32 1 4 £40 £4,450 £1,483
LbQ Class Pack 1 Year 3 1 Year 30 - - 1 £40 £2,850 N/A
LbQ Super Deal
LbQ Class Pack
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