Ensure every child in your school has a device to work on, and a teacher on their shoulder - wherever they are!

The LbQ tablet package combines affordable classroom technology with award-winning software, giving teachers the means to create more effective moments of learning and the opportunity to capitalise on each one.

It was the tablets (...that drew us in). The fact that we can run multiple LbQ tasks at the same time helped us get straight in and differentiate for the different needs of our pupils. All the children get so much more from each session. Kate Barker-Milner
Orchard Primary Academy

Access to affordable technology is the leading barrier to success in the current climate. LbQ can help you overcome this by making your funding go further.


All LbQ devices:

  • Can be provided to every child in class – no pupil is left behind.
  • Are compatible with other Android apps and websites.
  • Have the LbQ app pre-installed, so you can begin straight away.
  • Include a comprehensive warranty service.


What you get with LbQ:

  • Continuous formative assessment.
  • Comprehensive core curriculum coverage.
  • Live feedback to every answer given.
  • White Rose Maths aligned.
  • Proven to boost pupil confidence and outcomes.
  • Automatic marking reduces teacher workloads.
  • No more worksheets!

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