Get your pupils maths confident and ready for their next steps with the LbQ Transition Pack!

The LbQ Maths Transition Pack contains engaging low-stakes maths resources that allow you to quickly build a picture of where your pupils are right now, and then focus on developing the skills needed for the new academic year.

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LbQ is proven to boost engagement and confidence!

We know that pupil confidence may have taken a hit over the last 12 months, and trying to rebuild this is one of the main challenges facing teachers. LbQ can help with that.

The LbQ pedagogy uses immediate feedback that carefully guides pupils towards the correct answer.

The non-threatening nature of our Question Sets eases the pressure on your pupils, keeping them engaged throughout the learning process.

Giving pupils this feedback, and a sense of responsibility for their own learning, deepens understanding and creates more resilient, independent and confident learners — learners who are ready to progress.


Resources at your fingertips!

LbQ's award-winning content library of KS2 & KS3 maths Question Sets, each aligned to a curriculum objective, is an engaging way of maximising pupil learning whilst also seeing what they’ve retained from the last year.

Assessment without anxiety

Our low-stakes SATs assessments, topic reviews and end-of-year assessments are a fantastic way of celebrating what pupils know, and finding out what areas need targeting at the start of the new year.

Kids love LbQ! Questions are answered privately on tablet devices, with pupils able to correct their own mistakes immediately, minimising any apprehension.

Skills for Secondary

Mastering those key skills!

After such a disrupted final two years of primary school, it's important that pupils have the key mathematical skills that will provide the foundations for success at secondary school.

What if you could just prioritise giving children 10 key skills that would allow them a solid start at secondary?

We asked a range of teachers – from primaries and secondaries – to choose their ‘Top Ten Key Maths Skills for Transition'. We've collated those skills into a handy guide to help your pupils make a smoother, more confident and happier transition to secondary school.

For Year 7 teachers, we've produced a new range of 'Ready to Progress from Primary' sets to help you find crucial gaps, as well as suggesting LbQ sets to help you address those gaps.

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Give your pupils the confidence, resilience and skills needed for their next steps.

The LbQ transition pack contains:

  • Targeted low-stakes diagnostic Question Sets
  • Ready to Progress resources
  • Top Ten Skills needed for Transition
  • Ready to Progress from Primary resources
  • Informal End-of-Year Assessments

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