Frequently asked questions

What is a Question Set?
It's kind of what it says on the tin. It's a resource that contains between 10 and 40 questions based on a single National Curriculum learning objective.
How do I get up and running with LbQ?
You can find everything you need to get started with Learning by Questions by heading to our Training page.
How much does LbQ cost?
Learning by Questions costs £250 per teacher, at most. You can find out more about cost and our volume discounts on our Primary and Secondary pricing pages.
Can I use Learning by Questions for free?
You can use Learning by Questions to teach front-of-class for free forever. Generous, right? But our resources work best when used via our teacher app, and you can use that for free for up to 6 weeks on our Supported Trial. Take a trial.
Do I need tablets for Learning by Questions?
Tablets are a great way to use LbQ, especially if you have them at your disposal. But LbQ works just as well on laptops or desktop computers.
Can I use LbQ for homework?
There are ways and workarounds to use LbQ for homework. However, Learning by Questions was designed for in-lesson support and that's where it does its best work.
Can I print Learning by Questions resources?
You can print all the LbQ resources you want. However, one of the huge benefits of LbQ is that it is online and that you don't need to spend money and time on printing and photocopying. LbQ works better for everyone on a screen. Plus, think of the trees.
Can I write my own questions on LbQ?
Yes, you can. We pride ourselves on creating resources that are ready-made for teachers, but sometimes you want what you want.
Can I share LbQ resources with my colleagues?
Yes, you can. We love sharing good practice at LbQ which is why we've made it really simple to share your favourites.
I need help. Where do I find it?

You can find help on our teacher app via the chat function. Our online chat is available from 9-5 weekdays.

We have a collection of videos dedicated to helping you get started with LbQ.

For any other issues, you can contact us.

How do I get support for my LbQ tablets?
You can find more information about getting support for your LbQ tablets on our Tablet Support page.