Learning by Questions for chemistry

The big challenges on this planet and beyond will be solved by next-gen chemists. But to help these students rise to these challenges, chemistry teachers like you have to help them get to grips with some pretty complex ideas.

You don't have to do it alone.

Why chemistry teachers love LbQ

Maths matters

You can't just have chemistry knowledge to be successful in the subject. You've got to have some mathematical ability too.

LbQ embraces the maths needed for teaching chemistry. We drip-feed these skills throughout our resources to ensure that, while it's not the focus, pupils get what they need to excel in the subject. Plus, you have access to our maths Question Sets to go back to basics if you need to.

Supporting your 'reluctant' chemists

Not all of your students are going to love chemistry. Yeah, we don't get it either. But the knowledge and skills they get from your classroom are still important for life beyond school.

LbQ eases some of the frustration that can arise from misconceptions in chemistry, by providing helpful and personalised feedback for every answer. If a student gets it wrong, they're shown how to get it right. And the next-gen chemists in your classroom are still challenged and aren't waiting around for others to catch up.

Tough terminology

Chemistry is filled with specialised, highly precise terminology that is often brand new to students at secondary level. Many new words have to be learned to get an understanding of even basic concepts.

LbQ does not shy away from this tough terminology. In fact, we support students in learning to use the correct terminology through questions asked and feedback given.

Teaching a non-specialist subject

Non-specialists teaching chemistry? No problem.

However your school arranges the teaching of science, LbQ not only helps to teach the subject through the teacher-made resources, but we've also arranged them into schemes for ease of planning.

Honing all the skills needed

Being a great chemist is not just about getting your head around the periodic table. Communication, problem-solving, data interpretation, and argument skills are all needed to be a top-notch chemist.

LbQ covers all the content needed for secondary chemistry, and the resources help students exercise all the skills needed to smash the subject too.

Getting through the content

There is a helluva lot of content to get through in chemistry.

LbQ is organised into handy schemes of work to take KS3 and GCSE students through the necessary content. Cover the curriculum and a little bit more.

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Our award-winning chemistry content

Dive into the full LbQ Library of award-winning secondary chemistry resources.

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Exothermic and Endothermic Reactions

Explore our other science subjects

It's not just chemistry, we have comprehensive resources for both biology and physics to keep your pupils engaged and studying happily.

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  • the relief of all the resources you need as a non-specialist chemistry teacher.
  • resources that tackle tough terminology head-on.
  • easing the frustrations of 'reluctant' chemists.
  • smashing the maths skills needed for chemistry.