Why you need LbQ

Expectations of pupil progress have risen dramatically over the last few years. Reliable classroom tools to help teachers achieve these expectations have not.

Until now...

Let's see how your life as a teacher can dramatically improve.

How does LbQ compare?

Use the toggle below to give yourself the LbQ-factor and discover a whole new you!

    • Stuck with tired old textbooks?

      They take a nice bite out of your budget don't they? And then they date overnight! They can't be adapted, they get lost and they get vandalised.

      Let's get you into the 21st century!

      illustration of a sad face
    • Worksheets... the bane of your life?

      We all use them, but we know they're far from perfect. You lose hours of your evening hunting for them, creating them and photocopying them.

      Then, you discover that half the class have misconceptions after spending hours marking them!

      There's got to be a better way.

      illustration of a sad face
    • Crushed by marking?

      It's the worst. How quickly do you get marked work back to your pupils? The next day? The next week? And at what cost?

      Ideally, every answer should receive constructive feedback to help children progress.

      "Impossible!" we hear you cry...

      illustration of a sad face
    • Wish there was more than one of you?

      Teach to the top. Differentiate by task. Teach to different learning styles. You've done it all.

      You cannot cater for every single child and their needs all of the time, in every lesson. You can only do what you can do.

      Until now.

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    • Do you get exam stress?

      Does the thought of preparing for assessments get your blood pressure going?

      Finding and photocopying past papers, using half your night marking, and doing question level analysis so you can come back into the classroom informed, but tired.

      Let's do this differently...

      illustration of a sad face
    • Work/life balance just a dream?

      We know it can certainly feel like it.

      It makes us sad to see so many wonderful and inspiring educators leaving the profession. You should be able to live your life and enjoy the job you love.

      We believe it is possible...

      illustration of a sad face
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Don't take it from us.
Hear from teachers at the chalk face.

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The value of Learning by Questions

teacher talking to camera

What would life be like without Learning by Questions?

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The impact of Learning by Questions on pupils

pupil progress visual showing a pupil struggling

Try a new way of doing things

It might be difficult to envisage when you might use LbQ in your classroom because it's a totally new way of doing things.

We can show you...