For teachers who
do things differently

The teaching app that harnesses the power of continuous formative assessment and immediate feedback in the classroom.

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What makes LbQ different?

It's built for the lesson

Designed to maximise the 30+ hours a week you spend in your classroom.

Look after the lessons, and the results will take care of themselves.

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Power in simplicity

You work in a busy classroom - you don't need edtech that feels like you're trying to land a Boeing 747.

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Teacher-led tech

There's nothing artificial about the intelligence in our teacher app. You still make all the decisions that matter.

After all, no one remembers their favourite algorithm.

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What is LbQ?

  • It's award-winning content!

    Choose from the award-winning maths, English and science resources to support NCETM Ready-to-Progress, SATS & GCSE Revision, White Rose Maths and much more.

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  • It's immediate and personalised feedback.

    Pupils answer questions and get scaffolded support in the moment - like having an extra teacher on their shoulder.

    The higher the ability, the faster LbQ leaps them forward to more challenging questions, so everyone is working at the right level of pace and challenge.

    Woman using laptop on a video call
  • It's instant question-level analysis.

    The teacher can see in real-time how all the
    pupils are getting on and intervene to ensure that misconceptions are nipped in the bud and every child is getting the right support at the right time.

    It's an x-ray for your class!

  • It's self marking.

    After the lesson teachers have no marking, but they do have a full set of results as evidence to share with subject leads and to plan their next class effectively.

    Why you need it?

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Teachers love us

92% of users say their lessons are
more effective when they use
Learning by Questions.*

* feedback from 100 teachers, 2018

  • ”I would now not consider going to a school that wouldn't use LbQ. We get through so much more content per lesson. There's a lot less time wasted. I don't spend time going over things that pupils can do, but equally, I very quickly know what they can't do and know what to spend the time on.“

    Emma Tranter
    Ribblesdale High School

  • ”I like it because my teacher can see when I go wrong and help me. It also has a good variety of questions that start easy and then go harder so the teacher doesn't have to set lots of work (for people at other stages). She doesn't have to mark tons and tons of work for us (it marks itself).“

    Yr 6 Pupil, St Marys, Cognita

  • ”It also fills up a whole lesson (1 hour). It gives us clues that help a lot, so I don't have to ask my teacher. I love LbQ. I would get it if I was you.“

    Charlotte cont.
    Yr 6 Pupil, St Marys, Cognita

  • ”It is like having an extra teacher or an extra adult in class. There are many software programs that are available to us at United Learning Trust, and of them all, this is the one that I have found to benefit teachers and pupils the most.“

    Emma Morris
    Yr 5 Teacher, Teaching & Learning Lead, High Hazels Academy, ULT

  • ”Ability raiser, time saver, gamechanger!“

    Tom Ray
    Deputy Head at Cannon Park Primary

  • ”There isn't a better tool out there for improving the quality of education whilst simultaneously decreasing teacher's workload.“

    Laurence Thomas
    Rock Ferry Primary

  • ”I feel excited when we're going to do LbQ! It always gives you a clue if you get the answer wrong, a strategy to work it out, so you can rethink it and redo it.“

    Yr 6 Pupil, Holy Family Primary

  • ”The atmosphere in class is electric!“

    Will Harding
    Acting Headteacher at Holy Family Primary

  • ”I can't sit here and talk about Learning by Questions without telling you to go and get Learning by Questions!“

    Christabel Shepherd
    Executive Head at Copthorne Primary

  • ”Choosing LbQ above other software I would highly recommend. It is the bread and butter of teaching and learning.“

    Asma Maqsood-Shah
    Headteacher at High Hazels Academy, ULT

  • ”Ideal for teachers to reduce workload and allows for independent and collaborative learning in an engaging format.“

    Abbi Master
    Bolton Muslim Girls School

  • ”The future of using technology to enhance learning has arrived.“

    Andy Done
    Headteacher at Masefield Primary, BASE Academy Trust

  • ”Save time, save money and pupil progress goes through the roof!“

    Sam Keys
    Deputy Head at St Bedes Primary

  • ”After using LbQ for so many years now, I think I often take it for granted just how lucky I am and just how lucky my pupils are.“

    Jenna Sanderson
    Ribblesdale High School

  • ”The last thing you want to be doing on a Sunday evening is trawling through the internet or textbooks for suitable questions for everyone. How can I challenge those that need it? How can I support those that might struggle? The answer is Learning by Questions.“

    Amy McCann
    St Bartholomew's

  • ”Learning by Questions puts an incredible database of perfectly-pitched questions and objectives at the fingertips of teachers, enabling them to deliver bespoke, engaging lessons at the click of a button.“

    Michael Boxall
    Selwyn Primary

  • ”LbQ has had a huge impact on my planning, teaching and assessment. My time is then spent specifically supporting the children who need it at that moment. I wouldn't teach without LbQ anymore!“

    Emily Watkinson
    Our Lady of Perpetual Succour

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Award winning

BETT awards 2022 primary maths content winner Teach primary awards 2020 BETT awards 2020 secondary content winner BETT awards 2020 excellence - Tony Cann winner era 2019 winner BETT awards 2019 innovator of the year winner
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Try LbQ free for 6 weeks and enjoy:

  • tech that actually helps teaching and learning
  • accelerated progress
  • an entire library of teacher-written resources
  • using assessments that are marked for you
  • engaging your students with their preferred medium for learning
  • creating a more inclusive environment
  • creating the perfect TA/teacher tag team