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The teaching app that harnesses the power of continuous formative assessment and immediate feedback for pupils.

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What is Learning by Questions (LbQ)?

  • Amazing ready-made resources

    A library of teacher-authored, customisable KS2 resources aligned to the National Curriculum and other schemes of work.

    great content for english, maths and science
  • The ultimate x-ray for your class

    LbQ automatically marks pupils' work and presents the teachers with an easy-to-read matrix for powerful interventions in the lesson.

    the lbq matrix
  • Immediate personalised feedback for pupils

    The teacher content creators have considered every misconception a child may have for a question and written bespoke feedback for each answer. It's like having an extra teacher on their shoulder.

    great content for english, maths and science
  • Closer links between the lesson and home

    It's not homework; it's lessons without limits.

    Link up the learning in the classroom with the learning at the kitchen table for progress rocket fuel.

    illustration of a pupil using LbQ at home
  • Big data picture at a glance

    LbQ accumulates your class results over time to give you a comprehensive snapshot of your progress and gaps. Perfect for subject or curriculum leads too.

    Class track
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Why use LbQ?

Because you need reliable classroom tools.

Because you deserve a better work/life balance.

Because printed resources are so last century.

Because there's only 1 of you and 30 pupils in your class.

Because homework has become harder work for teachers than for pupils.

Because assessments have become way too stressful.

Try our content

Here's your chance to experience LbQ first-hand. The 'aha' moment comes when you give a wrong answer.

Multiply Whole Numbers by 10

Primary Subscriptions


Around £5.14 per pupil/year *

Try for free

For the whole of KS2:

  • Classroom and homework resources
  • All core subjects


SATs Springboard

Around £20 per pupil/year *

Try for free

For Year 6 heroes:

  • 24 diagnostic assessments
  • Auto-suggested next steps
  • New resources designed for each new academic year


LbQ + SATs Springboard

Around £7.05 per pupil/year *

Try for free

For all of KS2 and a little extra for Year 6:

  • The ultimate LbQ package
  • Includes everything from LbQ and SATs Springboard

* Cost is based on whole-school adoption by an average single form entry school over a three year subscription. Minimum charges apply.

Teachers and pupils love us

  • ”I like it because my teacher can see when I go wrong and help me. It also has a good variety of questions that start easy and then go harder so the teacher doesn't have to set lots of work (for people at other stages). She doesn't have to mark tons and tons of work for us (it marks itself).“

    Yr 6 Pupil, St Marys, Cognita

  • ”It also fills up a whole lesson (1 hour). It gives us clues that help a lot, so I don't have to ask my teacher. I love LbQ. I would get it if I was you.“

    Charlotte cont.
    Yr 6 Pupil, St Marys, Cognita

  • ”It is like having an extra teacher or an extra adult in class. There are many software programs that are available to us at United Learning Trust, and of them all, this is the one that I have found to benefit teachers and pupils the most.“

    Emma Morris
    Yr 5 Teacher, Teaching & Learning Lead, High Hazels Academy, ULT

  • ”Ability-raiser, time-saver, game changer!“

    Tom Ray
    Deputy Head at Cannon Park Primary

  • ”There isn't a better tool out there for improving the quality of education whilst simultaneously decreasing teacher's workload.“

    Laurence Thomas
    Rock Ferry Primary

  • ”I feel excited when we're going to do LbQ! It always gives you a clue if you get the answer wrong, a strategy to work it out, so you can rethink it and redo it.“

    Yr 6 Pupil, Holy Family Primary

  • ”The atmosphere in class is electric!“

    Will Harding
    Acting Headteacher at Holy Family Primary

  • ”I can't sit here and talk about Learning by Questions without telling you to go and get Learning by Questions!“

    Christabel Shepherd
    Executive Head at Copthorne Primary

  • ”Choosing LbQ above other software I would highly recommend. It is the bread and butter of teaching and learning.“

    Asma Maqsood-Shah
    Headteacher at High Hazels Academy, ULT

  • ”The future of using technology to enhance learning has arrived.“

    Andy Done
    Headteacher at Masefield Primary, BASE Academy Trust

  • ”Save time, save money and pupil progress goes through the roof!“

    Sam Keys
    Deputy Head at St Bedes Primary

  • ”The last thing you want to be doing on a Sunday evening is trawling through the internet or textbooks for suitable questions for everyone. How can I challenge those that need it? How can I support those that might struggle? The answer is Learning by Questions.“

    Amy McCann
    St Bartholomew's

  • ”Learning by Questions puts an incredible database of perfectly-pitched questions and objectives at the fingertips of teachers, enabling them to deliver bespoke, engaging lessons at the click of a button.“

    Michael Boxall
    Selwyn Primary

  • ”LbQ has had a huge impact on my planning, teaching and assessment. My time is then spent specifically supporting the children who need it at that moment. I wouldn't teach without LbQ anymore!“

    Emily Watkinson
    Our Lady of Perpetual Succour

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