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LbQ science is a teaching app that harnesses the power of continuous formative assessment and immediate feedback in science lessons.

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Pupils in a science lesson using Learning by questions

Why science teachers love LbQ

  • Quality flexible resources

    You can stop wasting time darting from a textbook to a website and back again.

    Our KS3 and KS4 resources for all three subjects have been curated by specialist science teachers, and our platform is designed to allow you to create your own schemes. It's a win-win.

    great content for english, maths and science
  • Personalised feedback

    How long does it take you to provide personalised feedback for every student, à la purple pen nightmare of years gone by?

    With LbQ, you will be utilising edtech to provide personalised feedback for each student, after every answer they put in. It's like having a mini you on each of their shoulders, giving their progression a real umph!

    the lbq matrix
  • Question-level analysis

    It isn't just the students that benefit from LbQ! Question level analysis is often a necessary evil to get a true picture of where they're all at.

    Learning by Questions provides you with instant question-level analysis - you know who is smashing it, who needs your help - and who needs a nudge to focus on the task at hand.

    great content for english, maths and science
  • Homework/revision

    The ideal would surely be a tool that you can use in the lab that can seamlessly connect with the learning at home.

    Learning by Questions is all about learning without limits! Whether it's flipped learning, a personalised revision roadmap for KS4, or just finishing off the lesson at home, LbQ has got your back.

    illustration of a pupil using lbq in a home environment
  • Department data

    Running a department with many staff and three different subjects is a challenge - LbQ can help to give you true oversight.

    You can centrally see how each class - each student, even - is getting on. RAG data provided will highlight classes smashing it, and ones where intervention might be needed - all at the click of a button.

    Class track
  • Practicals/science skills

    Science experiments and practicals are one of the most exciting things about science teaching - finding resources to support that learning, less exciting.

    Our resources also incorporate the development of science skills, and specific questions to embed understanding of required practicals. It really is a one-stop-shop.

    Pupils working on a science experiment
  • GCSEs

    You're the only department required to cover three subjects, and some of the toughest GCSEs.

    Learning by Questions contains required practical revision, end-of-topic reviews and covers the majority of learning objectives in physics, chemistry and biology. The platform itself enables you to create bespoke schemes that meet the needs of your students, as well as the ability to create personalised revision material for GCSE groups.

    Class track
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Why choose LbQ Science?

Because you want support, not to be replaced

Because you want to boost homework

Because you want to improve behaviour and engagement

Because you want to support the non-specialists in your department

Because you want to save money on textbooks & worksheets

Because you want edtech that genuinely reduces workload

Have a go like a student

Experience LbQ secondary science like your students. You'll appreciate it so much more if you get some wrong - we promise.


STEM? We've got you covered.

We don't just do science. We also have resources for maths, too.

Secondary Science Subscriptions

Secondary Science

Around £2 per pupil/year *

Try for free

For your whole department:

  • Access for all your scientists
  • Classroom & homework resources
  • KS3 & GCSE coverage


Secondary Science + Maths

Around £3.20 per pupil/year *

Try for free

For both your departments:

  • The ultimate secondary LbQ package
  • Cross-department resource and data sharing

* Costs based on whole-school adoption for a school with up to 1000 pupils over a three year subscription. Minimum charges apply.

What teachers are saying

  • “A great tool for giving immediate feedback and in the moment assessment. Perfect for recapping and revising.”

    Dr Zoe Saunders
    Queen Elizabeth Grammar School

  • “A fantastic way to reduce workload and improve staff wellbeing [and] an ideal way to show live progress and feedback to support learners.”

    Abbi Master
    Bolton Muslim Girls School

  • “I think what you've made is phenomenal.”

    David Charlesworth

  • “After using LbQ for so many years now, I think I often take it for granted just how lucky I am and just how lucky my pupils are. It's only when I speak to teachers in other schools without LbQ that I remember just how much of a difference it has made to the way I teach and the way pupils learn.”

    Jenna Sanderson
    Ribblesdale High School

  • “The way in which LbQ accelerates students through the levels, or requires them to seek support before moving on, means that students are always accessing work that is appropriate to them so they are motivated to stay on task and complete the work that is necessary.”

    Hannah Nelson
    Slemish College

  • “It's one of those tools that once you start using it you just want to use it every day. It becomes part of your arsenal because it's so easy to pick up and use. It's just like a calculator, it just becomes part and parcel.”

    Anne Cockshott
    Huddersfield Grammar School

  • “It allows me to act as a facilitator... [I can] move around the different students and see how they're getting on... and I can immediately act... I don't have to wait for a quiz.”

    Sean Doherty
    North Bridge House Senior School

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