LbQ resources for triple and dual GCSE science

Exam-style questions and personalised revision courses - Learning by Questions is there for you and your students right up to exam day.

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Why is LbQ good for GCSE science?

Exam-board aligned resources
Easy-to-set-up personalised revision
Guided study leave
Facilitate resilience and independent learning
Practice papers
Required practical revision

Why is LbQ the perfect GCSE science sidekick?

Exam-board aligned science resources

There is a huge wealth of GCSE science resources out there - but wading through them all to find ones that are good quality, appropriate for your students, and help you with workload takes time.

Your search is over! Learning by Questions contains hundreds of award-winning Question Sets, written by curriculum specialists, on a platform that adapts to individual students' needs, and saves on the marking workload.

Assessment for every step of the way

Assessment for learning has always been key for progress: know where they are, what they haven't got yet, and use that information to inform your teaching.

Learning by Questions has practice papers, topic reviews and end-of-year quizzes that can be used as key assessments - and every resource provides you with data you can use to keep a keen eye on your KS4 students - no one left behind.

Required practical revision

“But how can we possibly revise for practicals?”

With Learning by Questions! Our dedicated required practical resources provide students with the vital context and key concepts needed to be successful with required practicals - as well as questions for revising each of them.

Personalised revision

Ensuring that every student has access to the revision materials that they need, is a whole job in itself.

The very nature of Learning by Questions means that every time you use it, students are getting a personalised approach. So whether you set work in class or for revision at home, students get feedback and their individual misconceptions - and the information they need to get it right.

Guided study leave

If you still get the benefit of study leave, it can be stressful knowing they're out there on their own.

With Learning by Questions, you don't quite have to cut the cord. But it's also not going to take a further toll on your workload. Assign Question Sets for individuals - and keep an eye on how they're getting on, setting more revision materials based on what you can see. Keep the progress going, even when they're not attending lessons!

Cut down the KS4 workload

KS4 is a beast when it comes to workload: transferring that pile of papers from the classroom, to the boot, to the kitchen table - and back again. It's a special kind of guilt, too.

We can't wave our LbQ wand and promise to eradicate workload - but we can significantly reduce it. Each time you use LbQ, you reduce the need to find resources, provide feedback to every student, and create question-level analysis. We got that for you.

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Have a go with LbQ science

Experience LbQ science like your students. You’ll appreciate it so much more if you get some wrong - we promise.

Investigation: The effect of Light Intensity on the Rate of Photosynthesis

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Take a 6-week trial and enjoy:

  • ready-made resources, aligned to major exam boards.
  • assessments for all occasions in KS4.
  • resources dedicated to required practical revision.
  • the ability to provide personalised revision at the click of a button.
  • guiding students through study leave from afar, with no cost to your free time.
  • less marking, less guilt, more 'you time'.

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