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Immediate formative assessment, true adaptability, and support for non-specialists - LbQ has got your Head-of-Science back.

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Why heads of science love Learning by Questions

Curriculum alignment/adaptability

Edtech is difficult to shop for - you need something that will work for your students and fit in with what you're doing so as not to create more work.

Learning by Questions is equipped with hundreds of questions written by specialists, but it was also never designed to take over everything in the classroom. It slots into schemes and approaches already being used!

True oversight of your department

As Head of Science, you know that true oversight is the key to success in your role.

Whilst the tech is by no means simple, it is easy to use. We know that learning is a complex process that deserves complex edtech solutions, but we need ones that slot easily into all classrooms (and homes!). LbQ is that edtech solution.

Designed with technophobes in mind

The tech skills in your department probably vary hugely - variety is the spice of life after all!

Whilst the tech is by no means simple, it is easy to use. What we mean is, learning is a complex process that deserves complex edtech solutions, but that slot easily into all classrooms (and homes!) LbQ is that edtech solution.

Significantly reduces workload

If you're looking for ways to reduce workload and take care of your department without the involvement of yoga and team sports, you're in the right place.

Learning by Questions frees teachers up in the classroom. Planning is easier with a ready-to-use bank of resources; marking is significantly reduced with instant question-level analysis; and data is in one place and a lot easier to translate.

Support for non-specialists

Let's deal with the pink elephant in the laboratory: the sciences are shortage subjects and pupils need equitable access to the curriculum no matter who stands at the front.

With Learning by Questions, you can live safe in the knowledge that not only do non-specialists have the best of the best in resources, they also have the back-up of the personalised feedback after every answer - a specialist teacher on each student's shoulder, looking out for their common misconceptions.

Engaged students

Engaged students means speedier progress and a better focus for your team.

"It is something that they do really enjoy. It's something that‘s helped to build their confidence back up, and their resilience. It's given them that confidence that, ‘yeah I might get it wrong the first time but if I keep going, I've got that opportunity to get it right.' It's very hard to find something that will work with such a large variety of pupils."

Stephen Stewart, Teacher of Science, Meoncross School

Why us and not them?

Let us first explain why we are different from other science edtech products.

  • LbQ was a classroom tool first - designed to support and enhance teachers in lessons.
  • Feedback pinpoints the exact misconception with individual questions - students aren't sent generic videos that cover the whole topic.
  • You have continual control over what your students study - even with homework.
  • We're way more than just multiple-choice questions.
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Have a go like a student

Experience LbQ secondary science like your students. You'll appreciate it so much more if you get some wrong - we promise.


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Eliminate any risk by taking a 6-week supported trial and enjoy:

  • an edtech product that fits in with what you're already doing.
  • the comfort of having true oversight of your department.
  • a resource that everyone in your department can get to grips with.
  • giving back some 'you time' to your team.
  • consistency and support for non-specialist teachers.
  • students that ask to use LbQ.
  • a first-rate product that empowers your department.

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