Smashing the maths GCSE with resources from LbQ

Exam-board aligned and set up perfectly for revision, LbQ maths is your new best friend when it comes to prepping your KS4 students.

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Why is LbQ good for GCSE maths?

Exam-board aligned resources
Easy-to-set-up personalised revision
Guided study leave
Facilitate resilience and independent learning
Practice papers

Why is LbQ a great GCSE maths sidekick?

Exam-board aligned resources

Finding reliable GCSE revision resources that are of excellent quality can be time-consuming.

The LbQ library has hundreds of award-winning Question Sets, written by curriculum specialists and closely aligned to multiple exam boards.

Practice papers marked for you

You probably have a secret stash of old printed exam papers that you haul out for mocks each year. And you probably take a deep breath thinking about all the marking that will come from them.

Learning by Questions has collections of practice papers. You can see how they're getting on during the mock - and you can easily share their achievements and goals going forward instantly - when we say no marking, we mean it.

Tier-based targeted intervention

There's always a small group of students where the tier decision isn't so clear-cut.

We have designed resources to not only support borderline students, but to help you to make data-informed tier choices. Students answer ten questions based on the most challenging part of each tier: foundation, higher and crossover to help make that final decision. Exam prep with a tractor beam focus, without the overwhelm of a whole paper.

Easy-to-set-up, personalised revision

You know where the gaps in knowledge are, but you need the resources to plug them.

Learning by Questions makes it easy to collate revision material for individuals, groups, or the whole class.

Guided study leave

You wave them off into the sunset with well-known websites, textbooks and booklets, knowing the ones who will turn up to your revision sessions will be the ones who don't need it quite as much.

Avoid gap-growing with LbQ. Encourage reluctant revisers by setting engaging resources they can complete remotely, on phones, gaming consoles etc. Monitor how they get on and provide further guidance when they need it.

Facilitate resilience and effective independent learners

There are 30 students and only one of you, which makes feedback in the moment impossible and marking workloads massive for KS4.

Learning by Questions provides students with feedback after every question they answer, providing support and facilitating effective learning in the lesson and at home. LbQ helps to create students who keep crackin' on!

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Have a go with LbQ’s GCSE maths resources

Experience LbQ maths like your students. You’ll appreciate it so much more if you get some wrong - we promise.

Dive into the full LbQ library of award-winning secondary maths resources

GCSE Higher Practice: Set 1 Paper 1

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Take a 6 week trial and enjoy:

  • ready-made resources, aligned to major exam boards.
  • plugging gaps through personalised revision.
  • engaging reluctant revisers.
  • guiding students through study leave from afar, with no cost to your free time.
  • more time for a boxset binge and less time marking.

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