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Learning by Questions is great as a teaching tool in the classroom but because it can expand your lessons into independent study tasks, it's also powerful for homework too.

A parent helping their son with their homework

Why use LbQ for homework?

Thousands of quality questions

Differentiation and individualise with the click of a button.

Exam-board aligned practice papers

Teacher-written feedback pinpointing question-based misconceptions

Guided revision/study leave

Auto-generated question-level analysis

How do I use LbQ for maths homework?

Set the work.

Jump right in

Pupils use their personal QR code or
single sign-on to access their own homework - no passwords needed.

select a pupil for an independent study

Pick a deadline

Choose a date and time for completion, and add any notes for students.

select a pupil for an independent study

Select your students

LbQ allows you to select which students in the class receive the work - differentiation to the max!

select a pupil for an independent study

Set an independent study task

To set an LbQ task as homework, simply choose a Question Set and hit the 'Independent Study' button.

create an independent study

See how they're getting on.

Identify students' homework answers

Hollow squares show the question was answered independently/for homework. Solid squares show that the answer was given in a lesson.

select a pupil for an independent study

Monitor progress

See how your students are progressing using auto-generated question-level analysis.

Monitor the progress of individual students and the class as a whole.

create an independent study

Lessons without limits.

Interleaving and revision

  • resume a task to see whether students have retained knowledge and understanding
  • make your own Question Sets, interleaving questions from different topics
  • create individualised revision and study leave courses for students - and keep an eye on their progress from afar
teacher teaching a class with LbQ

Flip the learning

The inverse is also possible! Set students the basics for homework, then tackle the more challenging questions when they're back in lesson with your support.

convert a task to an independent study

Continue at home

Not got the work done in the lesson? No problem - with Learning by Questions, you can teach the basic understanding and set the more challenging questions for homework.

selecting to continue a task as an independent study
A parent helping their son with their homework

With a 6-week trial, you could:

  • feel the benefit, not the burden, of homework.
  • differentiate for all students with a few clicks.
  • carefully and thoughtfully guide GCSE students with revision without adding to workload.
  • connect the learning at home with the learning in the lesson.

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