Learning by Questions has been designed to make it easy for you to get up and running in minutes. You can register and start your first lesson without any training.

Log in, click on the subject you’re interested in and search for a Question Set matched to your objectives. Pupils can join the lesson in seconds using almost any device (see FAQ for guidance) by entering the 3-character code that will appears on your screen.

Pupils can download a free LbQ app or use


Short online tutorials to help you get started are provided.

Face-to-Face Training

Personalised training for teachers will help you and your colleagues realise the full benefits of LbQ. Learning by Questions provides in-school training in the UK for £295 + VAT for a twilight session.

Training Events

If your school hosts a cluster event attended by local schools in your area, we will deliver a training session free of charge to your school as a thank you for helping other teachers to develop their pupils with LbQ.

To arrange a local training event please contact us.