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Interactive Online Training

To help you get get started using LbQ, we are holding an interactive programme of online training. Just select the session that's convenient for you from the calendar below and click the ‘Register’ link. It’s really informal and easy to join. Once you’ve registered you’ll get an email that takes you through what to do next.


What you need

All you need is a computer or device connected to the internet and access to ​www.lbq.org​.

But, to make your experience even better, you should:

  • Join with your desktop or laptop computer
  • Have a tablet or other device with you
  • Download the LbQTasks app onto your tablet/device from:
  • Register​ for a FREE LbQ account and bring your log-in details with you

What you'll learn

The training briefly covers:

  • What LbQ is
  • How pupils use LbQ
  • Finding and running a Question Set
  • Viewing results
  • How to use questions at the front of class
  • How to send a single question to your class