Benefits for primary school teachers

The next generation is in your hands. Our future plumbers, our future chefs, our future hairdressers, our future
prime minister?

Your classroom is the launch pad for the rest of their lives. Are you able to maximise every moment? If the answer is "no" - read on.

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Why primary teachers love LbQ

It's like having an extra pair of hands

When it comes to the classroom, you're the boss, and there's a lot to manage: planning schemes of work, resource creation, data analysis, marking, playing mediator post-playtime, not to mention endless toilet requests. And then there's the teaching!

What if someone could do all your resource finding, all of your marking, generate good quality data, and even keep half an eye on behaviour for you? LbQ is like having an extra pair of hands to help you out with all of this.

It prioritises pupil progress

Ensuring everyone reaches their potential in every lesson is the crux of a teacher's job. It's what we all live for.

But overall progress relies on smaller, incremental gains in every lesson, and that's a big ask for any teacher.

Learning by Questions tackles accelerated pupil progress on multiple fronts; it's continuous formative assessment. The teacher can make highly informed interventions and most importantly, pupils receive scaffolded feedback after every answer - even if you're busy elsewhere.

Jedi-level mastery

Mastery means that everyone is on the journey together - no glass ceilings here! But keeping everyone on the same task whilst providing individualised support is a lot to plan and organise.

LbQ does this for you. Our Question Sets deliver subtly differentiated support and scaffolding so that you are assured that everyone has what they need, when they need it.

Giving you more hours in the day!

You've got a lot of curriculum to get through. Quick access to great resources is what's needed.

Goodbye photocopier, hello LbQ! We've got all the curriculum objectives covered, and because it's online, you don't have to worry that the pitch isn't quite right. You can pivot your resource in a matter of clicks. Plus, children get through loads more questions than they ever could with a paper worksheet.

Avoid burn-out inferno!

We know you've been sold workload snake oil before. But we really are different. LbQ teachers say it saves them at least 1 hour per lesson.

LbQ reduces workload by providing you with a bank of quality resources and by doing the marking for you in the moment - do the job you love, not the jobs you don't.

Test success

SATs and checks are not the be all and end all for your pupils, but we're always rooting for every child to reach their potential in our classrooms.

Learning by Questions' resource bank includes SATs practice, end-of-topic reviews, Ready to Progress assessments, and multiplication practice and checks to ensure all those key moments are covered with no stress or anxiety for your pupils - or you!

Skills, knowledge or practice?

Often, when you have a resource you have to manipulate it to fit into different ways of learning - you've got to come up with the topic introduction, you've got to think of a method of introducing a new skill, you've got to create a way to practise that skill. It's a lot of work and brain power.

Our resources not only cover the breadth of the curriculum, we've got depth too. LbQ covers all topics and skills needed, and we have dedicated practice resources to help embed what they've learned.

One teacher, 30+ children

Even if you're lucky enough to have a TA in your class, you're still massively outnumbered, and we don't like those odds. With the best will in the world, you're unlikely to be able to give every child quality feedback in every lesson.

LbQ does that for you. With each answer a child makes, they are provided personalised feedback that deals with misconceptions head on, like a teacher on everyone's shoulder. And with our Results Matrix, you and your TA can intervene with the children who need it most that lesson.

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Here's your chance to experience LbQ first-hand. The 'aha' moment comes when you give a wrong answer.

Multiply Whole Numbers by 10

What teachers say

  • ”There isn't a better tool out there for improving the quality of education whilst simultaneously decreasing teacher's workload.“

    Laurence Thomas
    Rock Ferry Primary

  • ”It is like having an extra teacher or an extra adult in class. There are many software programmes that are available to us at United Learning Trust, and of them all, this is the one that I found that's benefited teachers and pupils the most.“

    Emma Morris
    High Hazels Academy

  • ”Learning by Questions puts an incredible database of perfectly pitched questions and objectives at the fingertips of teachers, enabling them to deliver bespoke engaging lessons at a click of a button.“

    Michael Boxall
    Selwyn Primary

  • ”LbQ has had a huge impact on my planning, teaching and assessment!! My time is then spent specifically supporting the children who need it at that moment. I wouldn't teach without LBQ anymore!“

    Emily Watkinson
    Our Lady of Perpetual Succour

  • ”The last thing you want to be doing on a Sunday evening is trawling through the internet or textbooks for suitable questions for everyone. How can I challenge those that need it? How can I support those that might struggle? The answer is Learning by Questions.“

    Amy McCann
    St Bartholomew''s

  • ”Fast-paced progression in every lesson.“

    Charlotte Marable
    South Grove

  • ”LbQ will change how your school teachers spend their time and how they deliver their lessons. More time will be spent doing the things that will make a difference!“

    John Coombs
    Peel Park Primary

  • ”LbQ is a fantastic resource that allows pupils to access a range of questions, all relevant to curriculum objectives. It is not only a resource for whole class sessions but it can be used in intervention groups, small focus groups or for individual children too.“

    Mark Stephenson
    Lanchester Endowed Parochial Primary School

  • ”We trialled LbQ having heard rave reviews about its effectiveness on Twitter. We are now in our second year of using it and I couldn't recommend it highly enough. The only issue you will have is children asking "Are we doing LbQ today?" most days of the week...“

    Ricky Boxall
    Camps Hill School

  • ”It's clear our staff would not be happy if our licence was taken away - learning would be heavily impacted, as would the work/life balance of staff!“

    Sam Firth
    Pinders Primary

  • ”Live without LbQ? My photocopying bill increases, my mental health decreases. The kids wouldn't let you! I just wish I'd had it sooner.“

    Sam Keyes
    St Bedes Primary

  • ”Could I have done it without LbQ? No, I don't think I could have - with class, with this cohort. The proof is in the pudding.“

    Cherise Duxbury
    Washacre Primary

  • ”I'd be working 10 more hours a week without it!“

    Nicola Brown
    Elm Park Primary

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With an LbQ trial you could have:

  • an extra 'pair of hands' to help cut down your to-do list.
  • accelerated pupil progress.
  • mastering mastery teaching.
  • a resource library that covers all core subject learning objectives.
  • a reduced workload without affecting pupil progress..
  • resources that tackle key assessments.
  • resources that cover skill development, knowledge acquirement and practice.
  • feedback for every pupil throughout your lessons.
  • the freedom to intervene with the children that really need it and the knowledge to know who they are.

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