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LbQ is so much more than a classroom resource; it supports whole-school improvement. Insights give you opportunities to drive powerful and timely progression. And because LbQ saves time and money in other areas, you have both to spend where they're really needed.

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Why leadership loves LbQ

Quality-first teaching

Whatever you bring into your school or trust has got to make a difference to teaching and learning, and as a result, progress. We all know that quality-first teaching is key here - it makes the biggest difference.

LbQ unlocks the potential of your teachers by giving them a tool for continuous formative assessment. The data it generates is instant and makes intervening in the lesson swift, effective and delivers progress at pace.

With automated marking and a full set of results, your teachers can curate the next moment, the next lesson, the whole learning journey, with accuracy and impact.

A revolutionary pupil experience

As a leader, you want your children to enjoy school - but you also want them to leave with all the skills and knowledge to succeed in life. Technology isn't just the medium of our time, it can also genuinely enhance the pupil experience by making it personal.

LbQ recognises when a pupil is answering a lot of questions correctly and automatically moves them forward to more challenging questions. Every child in the classroom is working at the right pace and challenge for them. In addition, every answer given by a pupil gets immediate and constructive feedback to guide them towards another attempt and greater success.

Misconceptions are nipped in the bud and as a result, children grow in confidence, resilience and develop metacognition.

Continuous formative assessment: too little, too late

A problem you maybe didn't know you had. Summative assessments do have their place, but by the time you can use those results to inform future planning, the data is aged, and for annual exams, this can be too little too late for the pupils who may have already left.

With the increase of accountability coming from all angles, having insights into how pupils and teachers are performing daily, can help you steer the ship swiftly and precisely towards success.

Data from LbQ can help leaders identify: outstanding practice that can be shared school-wide; teachers who need more support; and where to implement intervention and deploy tutors.

Recruit and retain great teachers

No one understands the recruitment and retention problem like you. Technology surely has the answer, but it's difficult to sort the wheat from the chaff.

LbQ really does reduce workload for teachers by marking the work children do. Teachers find it satisfying to be able to make more informed and impactful choices in the moment, in the lesson. Being more effective at your job, whilst simultaneously reducing the workload is a win win.

Purposeful cover work

Cover is part and parcel of running a school. Accepting that fact, how do you ensure that your cover teachers can hit the ground running, progress pupils and achieve without prior knowledge of learning or pupil relationships?

Finding a resource and setting it for children is the work of moments with LbQ without extra burden on sick teachers.Tasks for the day can be set; children have the feedback to progress in their teacher's absence; and the cover teacher is given the information they need to intervene without any prior knowledge of the pupils.

You are assured of the consistency, quality and accountability of the teaching.

Feedback rather than marking

Effective assessment for learning is like gold dust when it comes to progress. It gives teachers the information they need to make effective decisions about what comes next, and feedback for pupils gives them the ingredients to progress and excel.

LbQ gives children individualised feedback aimed at dealing with common misconceptions. It encourages pupils to take responsibility for their learning by providing them with hints and tips for how to get a question right - like a teacher on everyone's shoulder. Meanwhile, the real-life teacher can crack on helping those who really need it in that lesson, without guessing or waiting until the marking is done. It's AfL at its best.

Engagement and behaviour

Teachers who use LbQ give us lots of different reasons why they love it. But the reason that comes up every single time is how much the pupils love it - sometimes they're even shocked by how much. Imagine having pupils ask to do more maths having been school avoiders in the past!

LbQ allows children to work with tech, a medium they are comfortable with, enjoy and are motivated to use.The resources are engaging and accompanying illustrations help support learners. On top of that, a pupil's ability to work through questions and retry multiple times helps to develop that all-important growth mindset - we love wrong answers at LbQ!

Smart budget decisions

Let's break this down a bit and look at one subject as a microcosm. Let's take maths - Years 3 to 6 (assuming 30 children per class)

  • Workbooks: £10 per pupil
  • Photocopying £1200

Be big brother about your budget - LbQ will provide you with the evidence that your investments are actually being used.

Through-school and trust consistency

As a leader, you seek good practice and emulate those approaches in teaching and learning across your school or trust.

Not only can LbQ provide your teachers with an easy-to-implement consistent approach to teaching, you'll be provided with data that highlights those teaching superstars in your school or trust you can champion and replicate.

Workforce development

As much as you need pupils to progress, you want to develop your teachers and progress them at pace too. But CPD does not come cheap - and the quality sometimes leaves a little to be desired.

Big statement incoming. LbQ is a different and revolutionary way to teach. Training with LbQ won't just help teachers incorporate technology in the classroom, it will show them a new way of looking at teaching and learning, helping them become the teacher they always hoped they could be. LbQ offers full training for free with experienced teachers.

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Try our content

Here's your chance to experience LbQ first-hand. The 'aha' moment comes when you give a wrong answer.

Multiply Whole Numbers by 10

What leaders say

  • ”LbQ's whole approach is based on strategies that any outstanding teacher would use as part of their day-to-day quality-first teaching.“

    Victoria Morris, Headteacher
    Elm Park Primary

  • ”Choosing LbQ above other software I would highly recommend. It is the bread and butter of teaching and learning.“

    Asma Maqsood-Shah, Headteacher
    High Hazels Academy, United Learning

  • ”The future of using technology to enhance learning has arrived.“

    Andy Done, Headteacher
    Masefield Primary

  • ”Save time, save money and pupil progress through the roof!“

    Sam Keys, Deputy Head
    St Bedes Primary

  • ”I can't sit here and talk about Learning by Questions without telling you to go and get Learning by Questions!“

    Christabel Shepherd
    Executive Head at Copthorne Primary

  • ”Ability-raiser, time-saver, game changer.“

    Tom Ray, Deputy Head
    Cannon Park Primary

  • ”The atmosphere in class is electric!“

    Will Harding, Acting Headteacher
    Holy Family Primary

  • ”If you took LbQ away from our school it would be a duller place. It's an integral part of our teaching.“

    Julia Hurt, Deputy Head
    Broadheath Primary

  • ”Our children have never been more engaged and involved in the drive to improve their own learning.“

    Victoria Morris, Headteacher
    Elm Park Primary

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With an LbQ trial you could benefit from:

  • unlocking the potential of your teachers.
  • enhanced pupil experience and misconceptions being nipped in the bud.
  • daily data that you can use for school-wide improvement.
  • happier teachers with a reduced workload.
  • supply teachers who can hit the ground running.
  • AfL at its best.
  • developing a growth mindset in your pupils.
  • seeing where money could be better spent.

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