How LbQ works

Have you got your PhD in Computer Science? You won't need it here! Using LbQ couldn't be simpler.

Let us show you how...

Teacher using LbQ with students

Choose your content

Share the code with your pupils

Starting a question set

Start the Question Set

Start by picking a topic

Choose a Question Set

Browsing a question set

Then pick a topic

Start by picking a topic

Start by picking a subject

We've got thousands of award‑winning resources that we call Question Sets.
You'll never have to slave through the night looking for lesson content again.

Start by picking a subject

Get your class started

Pupils love LbQ

97% of LbQ teachers say their children love it and not because they get gold stars or new avatars.

They're working independently, self-correcting as they go and seeing their own progress. That's where the satisfaction comes from.

No gimmicks or distractions required.

What's next? That'll be teacher interventions.

two secondary pupils using LbQ in a physics lesson

Working towards mastery

Question Sets are scaffolded, building on prior skills and knowledge.

If LbQ recognises that a pupil is getting a lot of questions right, it automatically moves them onto the next level of challenge.

The classroom is fully inclusive, yet every child is working individually - at the right stretch and pace for them.

a graph showing how LbQ supports mastery

LbQ's powerful feedback system

Every time a pupil answers a question, a piece of carefully considered feedback pops up!

This prevents misconceptions from becoming embedded and gives you the peace of mind that every child in the room is getting support.

Like a mini-you on each of their shoulders!

feedback illustration showing gradual informative feedback to pupils

...and start answering questions. Try some yourself!

Extended Reads: The Ocean's Child

Try the actual question set above!

Enter the code

Pupil on tablet with code entered on access screen

It's easy for pupils to get going

No complicated email addresses. No forgotten passwords.

Children simply click on the app or go to and pop in the 4 digit code.

And they're off answering questions. Not enough devices?

Pupil on tablet looking at access screen

Teacher interventions

Class intervention

Hold on! There are a lot of children getting this question wrong. Hit the pause button!

Wait for the groan! Pupils don't like to be interrupted from their LbQ work.

You could use front-of-class annotation to unpack and revisit any aspect of the objective they haven't quite understood.

Or decide to pick it up next time. It's up to you.

Watch a class intervention

And then let's take a look at after the lesson.

a teacher stood at a whiteboard teaching

Pupil intervention

Can you see Fiona on the Matrix? She's had 8 attempts at Question 10.

Perhaps you'd like to intervene?

Or not. LbQ gives you uncluttered information so you can make great decisions when it matters.

Watch a 1:1 intervention

a close up of a pupils progress through a question set within the LbQ matrix

The Matrix

Allow us to introduce your new best friend: the results Matrix. This real-time performance data gives you eyes everywhere.

You and your teaching assistants can come to the rescue of those that need it - when they need it!

the matrix showing class progress through a question set

After the lesson

Saving you time

With the LbQ Class Track feature, you can see how everyone is performing over time.

And talking of time - LbQ teachers say that it saves them 1 to 2 hours per lesson in marking and planning.

Imagine the difference that could make for you!

Don't believe us?

Calculate how much time LbQ can save you

illustration showing possible weekly savings of 15.75 hours

Zero marking

With LbQ, there's nothing to mark and yet you'll have a full set of results to look at, share with your subject leads and use to plan ahead effectively.

illustration of a teacher reviewing data on their tablet
an illustration of a teacher juggling blocks representing LbQ content subjects

When to use LbQ?

LbQ is a flexible tool, and enables you to use it's crafted features to suit your needs within the classroom.

Excellent, let's get you set up with an account! Tell us about yourself...

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